My 65'th Anniversary

Today (Sept 15) is the 65'th anniversary of my type 1 diagnosis. I was diagnosed in 1945, just 5 days after my 6'th birthday. To have no serious diabetes related complications after 65 years of type 1 seems rather amazing. I don't know why I am so lucky, my doctor's have no explanation. The most popular theory seems to be "good genes". That does make good sense, but I don't think it has been proved by research.

The Joslin Medalist Study has examined more than 600 long term type 1 diabetics. All the participants have been type 1 for at least 50 years, and they do not have any serious complications. The study is scheduled to conclude in April, 2011. Maybe the factor(s) that explain our having long, healthy lives will be revealed in Dr King's final report at that time.


i'm glad to know you, richard vaughn :o) though i'm not glad you have diabetes, i'm very glad you found us here on juvenation. congratulations on making it 65 years and being so wonderfully healthy :o)

Well done!! Thanks for proving to us all that Type 1 diabetic can have a long and healthy life.  Well done!!

Congrats on your continued health. You are amazing and such an inspiration. I have to admit that one of my biggest fears in life is that I'll have to watch my beautiful daughter suffer complications, and every time I read your tagline I am reminded that this is not a certainty.

I like the idea that it's "good genes", as we've always talked about the good genes in our family. Most of my grandparents lives into their late 80's/early 90's, and I have two great, great aunts who lived to be 104 and 106. I sure hope the "good genes" are on Sarah's side.

Thanks again for the reminder, you always make me smile!

awesome work Richard :) Hopefully we all manage to hit that milestone with no complications!

I hope that by the time my daughter has had T1 for 65 years it will be quite normal to not have had serious complications.


Thanks so much C, Lia, Michelle, Batts and Terry! It has been a long, challenging and interesting life. I am glad to be here with you people. I intend to stick around for another 20+ years. <wink>

Congratulations Richard!  I am so fortunate to know you and your strength!!  I am sorry that you are diabetic, but I am so glad that you are......LOL!


That is amazing.  I lost my father this year.  He was 74 and diagnosed in college.  Multiple complications due to Type 1.  He never complained though. Two months after his passing my 10-year-old was diagnosed four months ago.  It has been a long year.  Stories like your's give me hope.  Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks Angela!

Pat, ai am sorry about you father and that your child is now T1D. Your father was a type 1 for a lomg time, did he apply for the Joslin medal?

You are such an inspiration!  65 years, that is incredible! 

Thanks Rachel, I love that avatar!! Lol!

How exciting!  And very inspiring!!  I have only had T 1 diabetes for 15 years (no complications thus far) so I hope in 50 more years I am in the same boat as you.

Thanks for the inspiration and to know that it is possible!!

I'll ask my step-mom.  I don't believe so.  He never spoke much about diabetes.  Just did what he needed to do to make it to tomorrow. 

Also, I read the intro to your book - you have quite an amazing story.  The kind of things that movies are made of.  I look forward to more discussions with you.



Here's to 65 more years.

You are incredible, Richard.  I don't know what else to say.  I wish I could telepathically communicate my happy thoughts for you. 

Thanks Katie, I don't think my telepathic receiver works at all. I am lucky to have a functional brain at this stage of my life. Lol!

Sorry to hear about your Dad's passing Angela.


I've always wondered about that medal. I have 6 more years to go but am afraid lack of documentation (my original diagnosis and most of my early treatment was in military  hospitals and with military doctors all across the US as my dad was a Marine). Are the requirements published for the medal? Listen to me sounding so self-serving...



Joe, I am sending you a private message with a link about applying for the medal. I had no proof of the date of my diagnosis, but I found that I could have two people who knew mw back then to write letters to Joslin, recalling things they remembered about the early months/years after my diagnosis. My sister and a cousin wrote letters, and I was accepted. I received the medal a month or so later.

Hi Richard, Congratulations! It is an honor to meet you.  I am going to show this to my son to inspire him. He has been living with type 1 since he was 8 years old and at the age of 12 is still full of hope for a cure. It is going to be awesome to share with him that he can look forward to a healthy, happy life until that day. I know it won't be another 50 years for the cure, but if it is, I'll always tell him to remember Richard, don't give up hope. All My Best.

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