My A1c is obnoxiously low and I need some words of affirmation

Might sound like a dumb complaint, but hear me out:

Visited my endo today and was expecting my A1c to be in the low 6's, but found out that it was 5.3%.

I was shocked.  That sounds scary low.  I'm still sitting here wondering if I'm doing anything wrong...if I'm living dangerously.

I haven't had any instances where I've passed out, seized, or needed someone to help me with a low during the last 3 months.  I definitely trend low, but I always feel in control during those situations.

Mind you I am pretty anal about good control by testing often and a smart diet.  Yet, I feel like that A1c is so low that I have to apologize for it.

Has anyone lived comfortably with an A1c in the 5's without any problems?  I have this perception in my head that it's not feasible.

That is pretty low.  Was your endo concerned?  I think the biggest concern is not if you can feel your lows and treat them now... it's that you lose that ability if you are always running on the low side.  Does that make sense?    I know some people live in the 5s and feel good there.  I just don't feel good when I run that low.  I like mid-6s.   

I think another BG issue we need to try to minimize is what they call glycemic excursions.  So high then low and back to high.  Yeah, A1C will be a nice 6, but if you bounce between 50 and 300 all day it stresses your body out.   

I guess what I'm saying is.. if you feel good, and your doc isn't concerned you are probably ok.  I personally would be nervous about losing that ability to self-correct lows.   Hope this helps.  


When i first went on the pump my A1c was always 5.3-5.6  and the dc's would ask if i went low a lot and it did happen sometimes.   i kinda lost a little control since then and now i struggle to keep it under 7.  I was a lot happier with the lower A1c, and i also never passed out or needed much help, and i still go low, not as much but often, but my highs are higher. 

Other than the dc's being concerned about lows, they always said I showed good control, so i don't think it is a bad thing.  I am trying to get back there myself!!

Except for a 6.1 in late 2007, I have been in the 5's for many years. My doctor wants my A1c's 5.5-5.9 as often as possible. Once I was 5.3, but there were too many hypos in order to get that low. 5.5-5.9 is comfortable for me, without any bad hypos. It took me awhile to adjust to that range, it was a gradual process so my body would adapt. Part of the reason I do not have hypos below the 50's is due to my pump and CGM.

I think an A1c below 6.0 is great, providing you are comfortable with it and not having any very low hypos that are caused by trying to get your A1c that low.  If you do not have a pump and CGM it may be more difficult to avoid bad hypos. I see many diabetics post that they feel comfortable and safe in the 6.0-6.5 range, and their doctors are pleased with that.

I had some "too low" a1c's a couple of years ago while I was nursing my son, which makes you run low. My endo was fine with anything over 5.5, but didn't like the two in a row where I was 5.1 and then, 4.9. It was b/c I wasn't on a CGM then, and wasn't feeling my lows. I personally feel best in the low 6's. Having too many lows tires me out...

There was at least one occasion where I ran a sub-6 A1C, but I didn't like running low as much as I was back then.  I run in between 6 and 7 now and feel much better.  However, people all respond differently to sugar levels, so if your driving and school/work performances aren't suffering because of it, perhaps your body and mind have grown accustomed to it.  I'd consider it an issue only if it's interfering with your daily routines.

my A1C is 6.2 and im not even on a pump i do think it is pretty low to have a 5.3 but lows make a semi- innacurate A1C i run low ALOT

I was diagnosed in March 2010 and my A1c was 14.7 and 6 months later its down to 5.4%. My endo was very happy with my A1c reading.

What is your average daily insulin dose?

What is your daily carb count totals?

What are your average highs and lows?

I'll bet #1 and #2 are low, and as long as you aren't getting the 50/300 pinging back and forth, and your doc isn't concerned, your A1C reading is because of #1 and #2. I have found that low carb counts and low insulin doses as a result equal low A1Cs - not just your average blood sugar.

Otherwise - good job !!!!

Info from our endo says between 5 and 6% is considered tight control. If you are not having lots of lows then I think it is probably a good thing.

A non-diabetic's A1c is 4.5 - 5.5 so you're in a really good range as long as you're not having frequent or severe lows.   A 5.3  A1c means you're average blood sugar is 111.

I think you should be proud!  The only time I really had a great A1c was a 5.1 when pregnant... felt great and my son is perfectly healthy.  Since then I've gotten sloppy and gone back into the mid to high 6s.

Yes I did live in the 5's during my pregnancies.  I have been scolded for having it that low though.  Remember your brain functions from it's flow of sugars.  I have been told that I need to be careful not to deprive my brain of this source.  My doc told me it could affect my cognitive abilities as I age.  Sort of like developing a dementia.  Scary!  Yes I would work on trying to keep it a bit higher, it is hard for me not to be super tight with your sugarts if you have a type A personality!