My A1C!

Ok so I went to the doctor this morning and had my regular check up. Haven't really been feeling well the last month because of some unknown reason. Well, My endo and I talked about it and figured that it was becuase I had have lower Blood Sugars and that maybe my body was just getting used to having lower blood sugars. I'm like let's find out. Going into this I was hoping for an A1C is the 8's, I know its not good but it's a goal I made for myself that I wanted to hit. I was in the mid 9's my last appointment.

I just got the call back from her a little bit ago and my A1c was 7.4! I am excited, but still feel crappy, so hopefully my body will get used to having more normal blood sugars, and I will start to feel better.

Josh! that is totally awesomeness! I am so excited that your a1c was lower than you anticipated. I am going for mine in mid july I am hoping for 7 or lower but, everytime I think its going to be lower  it never is. And I get totally disappointed.

Keep up the good work!!!


Good job Josh!  Don't worry, you'll get used to it and feel better.

I was so excited I went last week and mine was down to a 6.8. I was a bad diabetic and didnt go to an endo for 3 years. When I finally went my A1c was in the high 8s and its taken me 2 solid years to get mine even close to normal. I wanted to celebrate that I finally worked my way down. Now, if only I can stay there!

Congrats and I hope you feel better!