My a1c!

my blood sugar has been a little high lately. high enough that it made me nervous about my a1c. but it was 7.8! only .6 higher than last time!

I'm happy for you Courtenay!  Did you see your endocrinologist yet and did he (or she) make any changes in your treatment?

my endocrinologist gave me a form to get my bloodwork done today. she changed my basal rate to fix my morning highs and my insulin sensitivity factor because i wasnt coming down after i gave corrections. im hoping my a1c will be below 7 next time but i know thats a lot to expect so if its lower i will be ok with it. 7.8 was better than i expected.

Courtenay ~  Good for you !!!  Even some adults have difficulty getting their A1C to 7.8. 

Always try to improve, but that's after you pat yoursef on the back for a job well done.

Hi Courtenay,

It sounds like you have a very good endocrinologist.  And Kristi is right..., 7.8 is incredibly good for a person your age.  While your growing your metabolism keeps changing making diabetes much more difficult to control than in an adult.  I have a feeling you'll get your A1c under 7 next time.  Do you have an appointment for the end of October?  (Of course, school will have started by then.)

Good for you Courtenay! Keep up the good work :)

my endocrinologist is very nice and very good. my next appointment is in october. school seems to help keep my blood sugar controled because it is a consistant routine. that should help my a1c.

awesome work dude! when i was your age, my hormones was leaving my a1c's in the 9's and 10's!!


i think you deserve some ice cream ;) haha

ive heard about a1cs in the 11s years after someone was diagnosed. i just cant imagine that

not bad Courtenay! the little adjustments will help you soon!

My a1c's Courtenay last time i went was a 12.4 i believe my horomones right now r crazy and im so scared...........

So congrats on ur A1c's

im very pleased with my last results too 5.5 only .1 higher than last time haha

5.4... i was diagnosed almost 2 years ago wen i was diagnosed it was 13.3... now its 5.4  so happy! :)

I just returned from my endo appointment with an A1c result of  6.1.  Six months ago it was 5.9,  but when it had gone up to 7.4 three months ago, I made up my mind to get back on track.  I'm so happy my efforts paid off, but moreover I'm glad that I broke a few bad old habits and picked up a few new good ones.  As most of my friends know, I've had Type 1 for almost forty years and have had some pretty serious retinapathy, neuropathy and cardiac complications.  However, it's never too late to make some changes for the better and reap the potential future benefits.  The most important benefits, however, are the immediate ones..,that I'm eating healthier, I'm exercising regularly, I've lost a lot of excess weight and I FEEL much better.  It may be cliche, but it's true that "today is the first day of the rest of your life."  Thanks to all my Juvenation friends for your encouragement and support for helping me achieve something very meaningful and satisfying.

Mine was 7.2 the other day.  Last appointment it was 7.5.  I hover between 7.0 and 7.5. 

6.7 a week ago.  Glad it came down from 7.0 in June...Congrats on the great work Courtenay!! 


I would like to share a story with you.  One time, my A1C was 14.  I went into the hospital with acute kidney failure.  They even put me on suicide watch because I didn't take care of myself like I was supposed to, even though I had no intentions of dying at all.  This was 4 days before Christmas and I got out on Christmas Eve.  14 is the highest it goes.  I have been taking care of myself since then and my A1C dropped so fast.  If you continue to take care of yourself the way you should, you'll be fine.  I have complete faith in you.


mine was 17! after i was diagnosed