My Answers to meme's Questions

meme wrote:

Tom. 67 years with type1--When I read that it just makes me feel good inside. I want my daughter to do this well in life. It also makes me want to know how you have lived with d during this time. What are you doing that we can do too? Do you watch your diet-exercise-stay on top of your d care-Are you a positive thinker-?? If you have ever gotten off track-how did you turn that around? Can we hear the stories anywhere from you and others who have done so well for many years? I know I go on and on but I do stress and worry at times, then I read something like 67 years with type1 and I settle back down and think ok-we can do this too! Thank you Tom for being on Juvenation!


Thanks Tom-My wordings off-I do truly believe we are going to see a cure. I also believe before it gets here we are going to see some sharp high tech. things come about. These things will lead to better control with which will = better health. My concern is how to keep health at it's best till the cure gets here. How did you and others do so well for many years? How do you keep in the positive everyday...? Maybe it is best to just do and not think so much---that is where I get in trouble. :)

I appreciate the opportunity to try and answer your questions.

Probably the only thing I have been doing, that a lot of T1 people may not be doing, is exercise. About 30 years ago, I got interested in bicycle riding, and, except for one period of about four years, I have stayed with it. Being an engineer, I also started keeping track of my mileage. It ranged from 1,000 miles in 2005 to 10,000 miles in 1991. I don’t ride every day, although I guess I did ride almost every day in 1991. Since I had kept track of my annual mileages since 1978, it was easy to add them up, and in 2008 my total bicycle miles surpassed 100,000 miles. Unfortunately, one difficulty with not riding every day is that my insulin requirement differs between ride days and non-ride days, so every day is different. So, I just take each day as it comes.

Another thing I have been doing for the last 14.5 years is the insulin pump. In that space of time I have used three pumps, MM506, MM508, and Cozmo. The warranty on the Cozmo has run out, but Medicare won’t replace it for another year. I keep pointing out to people that in the 52.5 years I was on injections I lost track of how many times I had to be taken to the ER for severe hypoglycemia. But in 14.5 years using insulin pumps, my control has been so much better, and I haven’t been to the ER for severe hypoglycemia in the 14.5 years I have been using insulin pumps.

I’m pretty sure that some of us have better genes than others, and this can make a big difference in how long we survive, with or without diabetes. Of course, with 67 years of T1 behind me, I have received a Joslin 50-Year Medal, and of course, I’m very proud of it. The Joslin Diabetes Center, in Boston, is doing a study of the 50-Year Medalists, to identify the factors that have made it possible for some people with T1 to survive in spite of the T1, and I have been actively supporting this study, both with my blood and my dollars. On Nov 18, 2009 they took ten tubes of my blood! So it’s a serious study.

There really isn’t anything I do every day, except to treat each day on the basis of the BGs that I measure for that day. I accept that every day is going to be different, so I just take it as it comes.

Ha,I am the pest of Juvenation !!...But do I ever thank you for your time and answer. I will read this more than once and think on it. I am already feeling better about everthing tonight !!  Thank You again for your kindness.! :)