My Barefaced A1c!

I have been wrestling with T1D for about 10 years, and I am 24 right now. I really mean RIGHT NOW: Today’s my birthday!
I git my A1C result yesterday, and I was shocked!!! 8.5!!! While tests never show anything beyond 130 during the day!The problem must be with the night and “sweet sleep”, I suppose!!

hi @Sepehrsoleyman, hey happy birthday. do you test at night at all? even a before bed/just when you wake up number might be helpful. I sleep about 25-30% of each day (on good days) and if my numbers are not where I want them during that time… that’s a big chunk. you made it this far I am sure you’ll figure it out.

Happy birthday to you - just about the end of the day in your time zine.

@Joe asks a good question ‘are you testing during the night?’. For the last couple of years I make myself get up and test between 2 and 4 AM; mostly to make certain that I’m not going too low. A question I will ask is about the timing of your BG checking where you rarely go above 130; are these BG readings random, before meals or after meals? I find the best guide for me is the reading I get between 2 and 3 hours after meals. Yes, I also check BG before meals to see if I need a correction [either + or -] to my meal bolus; I usually check my blood 8 times every day.