My birthday is today!

Today on 7-11-10 I am 15 I also share my birthday with 2 of my cuz.

Happy Birthday, Jamie! Today is Brandan's diagnosis anniversary. It's been 3 years.

Well Happy Diabetes anniversary to Brandan....And thanks Trish

Happy b-day. Mine was this past Wednesday. Have a wonderful day!!!

Happy late birthday Jacquie.

Happy Birthday Jaimie!!  I hope it is a wonderful one!

Happy Birthday, Jaimie!  I hope you have a super fun one and I wish you the best!  Today is my 9 month wedding anniversary.  LOL!  Not anything of importance, but I still can't believe I'm even married!  Ha!  Anyway, hope you also get to enjoy a bit of cake.

Happy Birthday Jamie! I hope you have a good one. Don't party too hard. lol. :D

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! (:

I hope your birthday was great!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wish

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jaimie

Thannks everyone for the Birthday wish's I had a great day and my BG's stay under 200 all day

Hope I am not too late. Happy Birthday!!!!

Keith, U are not to late, And Thanks so much for that