I'm soooo scared my mom thinks my cat might be diabetic too, and I think she's right. she's been peeing everywhere. Anyone have a diabetic pet that can give me some pointers???

Has she been tested at the vet yet?  My wife and I adopted a cat that was in a rescue shelter for 5 years.  She began peeing everywhere - even when sleeping.  I thought the same thing you did.  We took her back in to be examined and then they paid to take her to a specialist.  At somepoint before being at the shelter, her pelvis was crushed.  The nerves were so damaged that she can't tell when she is going.  In the end, the shelter pays for meds I have to give her twice a day and I have to, what they call 'express' her a couple times a day -  YES, manually pee the cat.  I think having diabetes made me feel sorry for the thing so we kept her and learned how to take care of her.  She other wise a normal cat - told my wife that next time (and when we have a larger place) we're getting a dog!

It can be many different things - anything from crystals to nerve damage.  Just get her checked out to find out exactly what it is.  I met another man at the shelter about a month ago who brought in a diabetic cat.  He gave it shots and special food.  He said it was difficult and has had to rush her in a few times but in general, it's been okay.     Good luck with her and let us know what the dx is. 


Thanks--I will let you know the DX when we take her to the vet. Hopefully just an infection

It could be a urinary tract infection. My dog had one a while ago. She was peeing every few minutes. Hopefully it's not diabetic.

We had a diabetic malamute (dog).  He was like 13 or so when he got it.  We had to give him inuslin injections of NPH.  We also had to make sure he ate his food.  Sometime he would get low and we'd have to get him to drink milk or eat tortilla or something.  He lived another 3 years before he died of luekemia.  Her was a great dog.

Thank you all for all of your support! Mom is getting my cat's urine tested as we speak, so I'll give y'all the DX.