My cuz kid

When I was staying at my aunt's in OH last year. My aunt work during that day so I want a stayed with one of my cuz. The 1st day I stay with my cuz kelly, The 2nd day I stayed with my cuz Jen. I got there about 6:00am (my aunt work at 7:00am) And Jen was up there to let me in and than she want back to bed. I was down in the living room. I read my book and sleep for a little bit. By the time they got up I had eat. My little cuz was the 1st one up. She has a gate in the door so she cant get out. She was calling for her mom. When they came down stairs. She want to eat her meal on the corch with me. While she ate she sat on my lap....Than came the part that I did not want her to see...she seen my pump site......She looks at me and than looks at her mom and said "Mommy what is that on Jaimie leg?" Jen looks at me and than looks at her daughter again and says "It is a thing that keeps Jaimie alive just dont mess with it ok?" "Ok" says Reachal.