My dad is funney

I am in the truck with my dad and we are stop to take a shower and I say "Dad do u want to do my pump right now or what" my dad turns to me and said "Why dont we do it when after u have showered and are clean." I say "Ok we can do that" And what i did not kown was that my dad meant after we shower i would take my site out and get my pump really and do did after we showered. But what I did was. "Dad are u ready to go take a shower?" "Are less go" When we get in the shop they tell use that there are no shower's so my dad says "ok we will go eat and than take a shower" we get our food and everything. Than I say "dad i cant progerame in my food i dont have my pump" he says "well i will go get can u still huck it up" I say "NO" my dad says well can u do a shout after we are done eating" "Ya but i will have to go to the truck to do that" So after we eat we want to the truck and i gave my self a shout and than we want and took a shower. We are now going to do my pump right now. The last time I checked I was 135 and i hope it will come down a little bit more. my range for my BG's is 80-120 so i hope to get it some were in that area.