My daughter is "back"!

Hello, everyone! My first post, so here then 15 yr old daughter Sarah was diagnosed 3/15/10, and just this week, I feel that she is her "old" self. (well, besides having the dreaded D!) The last 5+ months have been tough, both physically and emotionally. But now she seems to have more energy and feels better.

She hasn't felt well for soooo long.  Pre-diagnosis, she was tired to the point of falling asleep each day after school. The pediatrician would assure me that she was a teen, and they stay up late! Then the excessive thirst, blamed on a recent sinus infection. I knew better, but didn't want to believe it. Then the weight loss. At that point, I insisted on bloodwork, even though the nurse warned me that insurance may not cover it, and maybe I should wait until her annual checkup in JULY!! Needless to say, she was diagnosed within a couple of days, as soon as her bloodwork came back. She has done VERY well, and I am so proud of her stepping up to take care of herself.  She is 16 now and driving. UGH! I have been told, by her, that I "hover" too much, and that she is 16 and will be on her own soon, anyway! (dread) She rolls her eyes when she sees I'm on this site. She says I need to relax. I try, but its so hard. Sometimes, it hits me, and I can't believe that she has diabetes! It just takes my breath away. I can't make it better for her, and I think that's the hardest part. But I let her take care of herself, (she's very private), and I just keep her log book for her and make sure she takes her Lantus at night. (she forgot once on a sleepover!) And of course I'm always here if she needs me. Other than that, she's on her own, which makes her happy, and our compromise has worked so far.

Thanks for letting me tell our story, and THANK YOU to all of you on this site. You have no idea how many posts I've read, and it helps to know there are many, many people out there that are doing just fine! :)

Welcome Karen!  We're glad to have you here.

P.S. Why does she roll her eyes when you're on here?  Juvenation is AWESOME.  :)

We're happy to have you and your daughter here :o) I hope you find the support you are looking for here. Maybe, eventually, you'll be able to convince your daughter to join us as well :D We'd be thrilled to see the entire family.

Welcome to Juvenation!  I'm 16, and I've had diabetes since I was 4.  I'm not sure how much my parents worry about me regarding diabetes because aside from going to doctors appointments, reminding me to bolus 15 min. before dinner, and occasionally asking how my numbers are, they aren't that involved.  I'm sure that you and your daughter will be in a similar situation in the future.  Anyway, she should definitely join us on here - there are a lot of people her age and it's a really helpful and supportive site :)

Hello Karen tell Sarah that there is an old man on this website who has been type 1 for 64 years and he is very healthy. Lol! I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. If Sarah takes good care of herself she can have a long, healthy life. My diabetes has not stopped me from accomplishing the important goals in my lifetime. I have seen very young diabetics, ages 12 and beyond post on the diabetes websites. I hope Sarah will join us eventually.


Thanks everyone. And, Kim, she rolls her eyes because she thinks I think about it too much. Or maybe its the worrying!  :)  But she's still in that place that she doesn't want to talk about it. I've encouraged her to find another T1 to talk to. Maybe when she's ready. And I've definitely told her about Juvenation!  :)

Welcome I have had two moments of the she is back. Once in the hospital after she woke up out of DKA and got her tude back lol. Then a few months later. Now with puberty and all that I lose her once a month again and then get her back lol tho its really not funny its hard.