My daughter needs friends

I have a 4 year old daughter who is always scared because of the type one diabetes and she is in the honeymooning stage now. She dont have any friends and i dont know if schools will take her because she is not potty trained. So i might have to home school her for now but i am going to look into some schools to see what i can do. Hoping a school will be able to help me. I am a scared mom trying to do my best with what i have. Wishing she had some friends tho. It is going to be rough. If you live in michigan near zeeland let me know maybe she can meet some people.

I am a whole lot older than your daughter however, I think you might be explaining yourself wrong or you guys have fears that shouldn’t be. Your daughter can perform all the activities she desires as long as you guys learn how to manage the insulin intake if it’s for exercise purposes. I really would advice you to start working on teaching her not to be embarrassed or feel out of the ordinary because of her condition. The sooner that she acknowledges it and learns how to live with it, the better her quality of life will be. Now after many years I realize that is a mistake that we make to feel different or even ashamed to have diabetes. We can be as normal as we get to manage our diabetes. Best of luck

@Kayla.shouse Hi Kayla,

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Please consider looking up a JDRF local chapter - sometimes they are close to where you live - you can click this link

And put in your zip code, but I think the Grand Rapids Chapter is only about 40 minutes away.

Your best bet is to find other families and get a network started. It’ll help.

She feels out of place bc the only fruends she has are the family around her and it makes it hard on her. Some of her family members cover their ears thinking she will scream. And some are scared of her bc she has to have needles put in her

Hi there,
I would love to chat with her I’m 16 and i would love to connect with other type ones!!

Hi becca thank you that would be amazing for her to have friends.

Hey becca how would you like to talk to her she maybe be 4 years old but she 8ves hanging out with other kids ut does not matter age to her

If she wants to text i can or email or any social media…anything works with me however she would like to connect. I would love to show her that t1d isn’t scary and it’s a part of the many perfect features she has!!

Ok you can email me and i can give you other info from there it that works for you.

Kayla @Kayla.shouse, this concerns me. Yes, I’ll happily talk with your daughter if she would want to talk with an old grandpa type - yes, my grand kids appear comfortable talking with me.
And more than your daughter, I’d be happy to talk with her “family” who is scared to talk or be with her because she has this dreaded disease. You can tell them that they can not catch HER diabetes but that probably will not help. maybe I could share some not frightening thoughts with them to help them learn to be more understanding and supportive of her.
Message me and we can talk off line if you wish. It appears that many of us here could offer you support.

Thank you that would be amazing to see the people can live with this. She would be happy to know this from other people

hi @Kayla.shouse Kayla -

I think you need to find a support group, too. You, as your baby’s first role model, need to understand the ups and downs so you can brush off the fear. When you’re not phased by it, she’ll stop fighting you/it. T1 is not an insurmountable obstacle. Approach it like any other uncomfortable task, like say your period. You learn to deal. Remember, this is to keep her alive. Make it a game! Make it FUN! I was diagnosed in 1966 at 10 months. I can tell you how much easier it is now than it was then. I’m sure you feel pressure and panic, but it’s not worth the anxiety cuz it’s just a thing. Yes, there is a lot to learn, but YOU GOT THIS! YOU ARE A STRONG AND POWERFUL WOMAN!

All my best -


I have been looking for support groups around me and i cant find any around me so it is hard to get in to one

hi! i would love to be your daughters friend! i am 16 and have had type one for 9 years (it’ll be 10 in september)! i would love to talk to your daughter!

That is so sweet of you i would like that

awesome! what is the best way to contact?

Facebook is the best way to talk to me.