My daughter starting kindergarten

My daughter will start kindergarten on September. Looking for some tips. She has a Dexcom and omnipod still adjusting with the devises. She was diagnosed about a year ago. She’s 4 years old now

Rosa, I hope you will find your school nurse knowledgeable and helpful. A sit down meeting forming a plan may set you at ease. You may also look into a 504 plan, which will ensure that all the teachers and professionals who look after her during the day will be informed and aware. My daughter goes down to the nurse’s office before lunchtime and has a little locker there with all of her supplies and snacks. She is about 5 months into diagnosis and is in the 8th grade, so we are preparing for high school in September…some of the same emotions of letting go! I hope your little one will have a magical year of kindergarten with all of the support she needs to have a great time at school.

Work with the school counselor to get your 504 set up. And, remember, you can put anything in that 504 that you want. We even included that if her BG is low, she can go to the front of the lunch line and the counselor made her a special pass that says as much. Make sure it says someone needs to walk her to the nurse if she needs to go. Especially important if she is low. We just started middle school this year, and all of her teachers have a snack box. They all know she can use her phone to talk to me throughout the day. Oh, and take the teacher and the nurse goodies. Always good to make sure they feel appreciated. If they are willing to follow her Dexcom, especially the nurse, you can do that too. Ours was and it was helpful. It’s scary to be sure, but they get through it better than we do. If she isn’t connected to a cell phone with Dexcom, do that, will make your life easier.