My daughter was diagnosed last year

In september of 2009 my daughter Holley was diagnosed with diabetes.  She is 4 now.  We still don't know any other kids with diabetes and Holley yearns to know people like her.  Kids who can't just grab a bag of chips or eat whatever they want when they want.  Kids who know what its like to poke their fingers all day and get shots all day.  I was hoping we could find that here.  I have only met one other parent of a diabetic child and she lives half way across the country.  Maybe I can find more here.   That's what I am hoping.

hi Crystal, sorry to hear about your daughters diagnosis.  You can try the JDRF and see if there is a local chapter nesr your location

JDRF Chapter locations here -

You could take a look at "diabetes camps" may be near your area (careful the following link is a google search)

good luck

Hi Crystal, my son was also diagnosed in Sept 2009 after having just turned three.  We're coming up on a year shortly here.  It is definitely different managing diabetes in a young child.  We ended up starting our own support group for families and kids dealing with Type 1.  It was a little hard to get going because of privacy laws the hospital, diabetes clinic and pediatricians can't release any information about patients who are newly diagnosed.  So what we did was make up posters and put them in the pediatric ward of the hospital, at our diabetes clinic, and at the pediatricians offices in town advertising.  We also let our local chapter of JDRF know that we were starting so they could pass it on.  They also have a Facebook page that they post our play dates on.  Though the most of our connections came from us participating in diabetes fun days.  The Canadian Diabetes Association puts one on each year and JDRF has walks too.  We thought we'd start it and it has grown as word of mouth spreads. 

If there's anything I can do, drop me a note.  Hang in there!

hey thanks for writing back!  Sounds like our story is much the same.  Hope to hear from you sometime.  My email address is

thanks for the links.  I would love to take her to campouts.