My Diabetes is weird!

Just when I get good news about my diabetes, life and diabetes throws in a sucker punch! 1st my Endo tells I am no longer really diabetic!! Mostly because I didn't need to treat everyday and a normal C-pep test. Then they tell I am diabetic type unknown!! OK, great I guess?? Well the life punch was about 2 months after that news, I end up going to ER for surgery. Long story short, removed part small bowel, then again a week later for a 1 liter blood clot!! Lucky me I get to spend the 1st 3 weeks of 2012 in the hospital. Now less than 2 months after that diabetes throws the punch. I think going from 171 lbs. to 148.5 lbs. and gaining my weight back in 6 weeks messed up my diabetes. In the last 2 weeks my numbers started to go up. I started seeing 200+ and then last week I saw a couple of 300+. Due to my not needing much insulin ( I had only been needing my short acting for corrections) I only had 1 bottle of insulin, not good!! Off to the Dr.'s and got myself some long acting, which I haven't used in about a year and another bottle of  short. So tomorrow I am going to try some Long acting in the morning. The only good part, I guess my insulin needs are still really low. Only going to try 10 units, when I was 1st dx'ed I used 30 units for over 2 years. Dang life and diabetes!!! LOL So weird!!