My Diabetes

I was just diagnosed on September 30, 2009

i am really sorry to hear that. i was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and i have to say i hate it. but i am still trying to get used to this.

I have been sick, and being sick doenst help getting it back under control.

I hope you have an expierence as easy as mine was.

Good Luck with your newly diagnosis. :)

Hi, I was diagnosed in August 2009, six weeks of shots, I am 46 years old, this is a new lifestyle change isn't it? If you need to talk maybe we can help each other, my email is

It is amazing to meet people who are newly diagnosed and be truly able to relate to each of you.  It is amazing the circle that life takes us though because I remember all the feelings and crying and mourning.  It does get better, I promise.