My diagnosis

i had been driking gallons of water a day and going to the bathroom nonstop. i thought it was just the summer heat making me thirsty and all the water making me go to the bathroom. my mom knew that those were the symptoms of diabetes, so we went to the doctor and he checked my blood. when he came back in the the room and told me and my mom that i have type 1 (most of my uncles and both of my grandmas have type 2) most people would cry or be depressed and not say anything but when we got the news me and my mom just laughed our buts off. i tried to stop laughing because i was afraid that the doctor was gonna put me in a stray jacket. we pulled a prank on my dad by telling him in a funny way but he didnt take it so well, he was the one who cried and up to this day he still cant accept it