My Diet Plan

I get my diet plan tomorrow is it hard to get used to the diet plan you are own ? ? ?

Hi Jibbs - 1. Welcome to the club (even tho we don't want to be in it)  2.  Let us know what type of plan you are on.  I would assume they will put you on carb counting and a specific amount of carbs/food to get your ratios and levels in place.   The more info you can give us, the better feedback you'll get..   It is definitely an adjustment period when you first start out - you may get frustrated or angry about it but that's what the community is here for.   Once you get your ratios down you'll be able to adjust your meals/snacks as you want.  I would just suggest sticking with what they give you for the time being so the adjustment period goes smoothly.  Best of luck and keep us up!  Be well.