My first freestyle libre!

Hellow! I recently went to the clinic and surprisingly for the first time I saw a freestyle
libre. My doctor told me they are still doing some research on this devices and insulin glargine, so the sensor was inserted by in my triceps, but they didn’t provide us with the reader. Freestyle libreink app i think is not yet supported in our country,i was wondering if the sensor will interfere with my train as am scared maybe if i lift weights it is going to fall off

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Hi @Ibrah . Which Freestyle are you using? Below is a screenshot of some over patches made for the Freestyle 1 and 2 sensors, which are larger than the Freestyle3. I mentum that because there are overpatches you can buy for the devices but you need to make sure they for.
I use Simpatches for my Dexcom CGM and my Omnipod5 pump and am very happy with them. I live in the Washington DC area where summers are hazy, hot and humid but I don’t spend a lot of time sweating in the heat: they hold very well for me but people who sweat a lot have had issues with them coming offf early, so you just have to see what works for you.

They do come in different colors. I get mine from Amazon.
Even without an over patch I find my devices stay on well - unless I walk too close to a wall and it gets knocked out of place - but that is rare.


@Ibrah Welcome Ibrah to the Community Forum.

The Libre is intended to only last one week or 10 days, and if it was put on correctly and you have normal skin it should stay in place. I’ve lifted weights with the much heavier Dexcom sensor on my arm.
For security, I have sometimes worn a length of tight stocking on my arm to prevent accidental knock-off.


@wadawabbit this is probably freestyle libre 2, I didn’t even ask more!, is there another app in app store other than freestyle librelink app i can use to scan??

I use an iPhone so I’m not sure about others - hopefully you will get some responses from knowledgeable users here - but if you don’t see the app in your app store then your device may not be compatible. Sometimes you can load am app directly from the website instead.
Here’s a link to compatible phones - I’m afraid I don’t knew how up to date it is, and since you are in a different country compatability must be different. Is there a local Abbott where you are?

I also use an iphone, i tried searching in android phone and it says this app is not available in your country! Perhaps local abbot is not available in mu area.

That’s unfortunate. Can you get a Freestyle reader? I’m surprised your doctor did not give you one - there’s no use to having it without the reader, unless s/he wants to see if you’re comfortable wearing it and are not allergic to the adhesive.

This are still new devices in our country so they said they are doing some research, we have been told to go back after 14 days so that they can get their readings,

@Ibrah , I suspect from your description that the Abbott device installed on your arm is the “Professional Libre” which is NOT intended to be read by a patient. It is designed as a tool for physicians to use both for diagnosis and diabetes management of their patients.
The common phone app and the standard Reader will not work with the Professional sensor.

I’ve never heard of the “Professional Libre,” but I agree with Dennis that it’s not a Libre 14-day system or Libre 2. They have to be scanned every 8 hours or they start deleting dating, so going back to your doctor after 14 days to have it scanned would be pointless. Might be a Libre 3 I suppose; that one only works with an app (FreeStyle Libre 3 app) and doesn’t have a reader at all.

My job includes a lot of heavy lifting and arm movement and I’ve had a little bit of difficulty keeping devices on, especially when I get sweaty or rained on. The overpatches that Wadawabbit shared are really helpful, but I use the solid ones, not the ones with the hole in the center . I find they’re easier to apply and stay on longer.

@bsteingard thanks for the informations and the link!
We all agree with dennis that it maybe freestyle libre pro.this is one is special for clinicians used as assessment tool to guide the patient’s therapy decision and always the reader stays in the clinic, one reader can scan multiple sensors.

I do not thinks its freestyle libre 3 as you said because libre 3 requires an app so that you can get the readings and the app is not yet available in our country!
Today is day 10 with the device I haven’t changed the tape yet i have been doing my workouts as always weight lifting calsthenics and it is still stable!

Thankyou all for the tips!

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