My foot in the door

Hopefully this is the right place, seems to be judging by previous threads, but just wanted to start a thread with nothing really in particular in mind just a random discussion/thoughts thread.  If one such exists feel free to delete this one.  Also I'm bored, haha.  Anyway..........let's see how this goes.

EEUU beat Espana yesterday which was surprising to me but certainly had me jumping up and down especially when Clint Dempsey scored the second goal of the game.

Hello ChLjoe,and Alyssa,lets see how long it takes her to find this hello !!!

This is a good place for your chit chatting LOL

How long it takes me to find it? Less than 24 hours :D

HA,  AMAZING,how did you find this so quick,Joe or Gina must have told you !!----MADE ME SMILE AGAIN !!!!!!

No, Meme, lol I found it all by myself :)

Hi Alyssa,I am going over to the Recipe swap,see if I can find something new.ha

Hi Alyssa,I joined the water exp. a while back.Could you tell me what it is about ? Me and computers don't mix-or maybe there is a filter problem. I will go back to the group and try again,Thanks !!

OK,I read what it is about,is there more things I need to get to?

Hey Meme cool of you to join:D Basically the rundown is just keeping track of blood sugars on day when diabetics are hydrated versus no with water. We're just poking around and looking to see if there's a correlation :)

Could be-Thanks Alyssa !!