My friends left me or at least It feels like it

In the last few months, weeks and days, my friends from high school don't seem to care about me anymore. Sure they cared in high school and asked if I was ok even before my diabetes, but now they are silent. I know they have work, college/university, and everything inbetween but they don't talk to me. I have to always make the first move and I wait and wait and wait then they instantly go offline right after I say " are you? how's college? how's your job?" on facebook. I don't like that my friends aren't there for me, they don't even ask me how I am. I am ending there or I'll just keep going on and on and end up getting worked up over it. I hope Juvenation and chit chat will help me. What do all of you think?

I'm in high school still, but I know how you feel

That's normal. Not a lot of people stay friends after high school. Sad but true.

i know that happed to me once