My health teacher

I'm in eleventh grade, and I'm forced to take health.  There's only one problem with this.  There's only one health teacher, and he is SO misinformed about diabetes.  He tells everyone that people get diabetes from eating white flour and sugar, and he says we're all fat!  I have talked to my school nurse about this, and she said, unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done!  That's not all!  He even says that if anyone (diabetic, asthmatic, ect.) doesn't use their prescription medication, that they can cure themselves!  I'm so afraid that one day, I'm just going to flip out on him!  Is there anyone else out there with a similar problem?  Maybe a little advice?

i had that problem with my science teacher last year. and at one point he even let me expain what the difference was between T1 and T2. your teacher might be one of the many people who dont know the difference of the fact that there are 2 different types.

have you tried to talk to your teacher about it? maybe he will give you the chance to explain what the differences are.

I just started a health class this week :) And I've had images and scenarios that keep running through my mind where they either a.) embarrass me about diabetes in front of the class, or b.) get it alllll wrong.

Luckily, it hasn't happened yet :) But should it occur, I hope I can find the guts to correct them :)

If I were you, that's what I'd do. Even if you talk to your teacher, he may not relay the correct message still to the class. Next time he brings it up and incorrectly covers diabetes, don't hesitate to raise your hand and say "Actually...."

You've got first-hand experience; I don't think there's much of a better source out there to teach about diabetes than a diabetic :) Or, you could always go the humorous route, print out a bunch of reports, bring them to his desk Monday morning. "Alrighty, teach! This is diabetes...."

Nice post :) It's a great question

I am mortified    I am a health teacher and i would never do that i am also a type 1 diabetic and have asthma.  So why would anyone do that    They r misinforming the students.Try bringing him the facts  have a debait about it.  someway to teach him  wish i was there i would have goon off on him


What doesnt kill us makes us stronger

What the ****.

You need to be strong and do something about this, that type of information is wrong and dangerous.

If you are not willing to do something on your own and challenge him, then talk to your principal, if your principal won't do anything, talk to your school board, if they don't step up go to the local news, or even your local or state government officials. If you want help doing this i can give you advice, I'm good at getting things changed.

You can think I am being over the top, but this man is obviously not properly educated, not fit for his job, and should not be paid to do it.

 P.S. Your nurse is lazy and a hypocrite  "there's nothing that can be done!" is pure tripe, don't eat it.

God i have the same problem. i love my gym teacher shes awesome and she always has my back. but in health she pulls me up in front of the class and starts saying things like its very difficult to have kids if you have diabetes and the risk is higher for you to die. then she like makes me tell the class everything i know so she can take a break from talking. it gets annoying! =[

When i was in 8th grade last year i had a sub. and he didnt beleive me that i was diabetic because he said that i would be fat if i was diabetic and that i wasnt and my blood sugar was low so i was cranky and i went off on that teacher and just left the classroom!!!

i remember when i was in junior high i was asked to come and talk to a health class about my diabetes. it was a nice discussion and the health teacher was very informed which is nice. she even shared an experience that she had like two days before with a woman who had collapsed in a bathroom, she knew to ask the woman what was wrong and the woman said or i think she may have had an ID on, but any way the teacher told someone to go and get a soda from the food court. apparently the diabetic woman had overdosed her insulin. the teacher said if someone is diabetic especially type 1 ask them about it don't just assume, like melissa says. i loved that teacher she was cool.