My kids has to have her tonsils out

My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes last year.  She has to have her tonsils out and I was hoping to hear from someone else who has already gone through this.  All of my other children had their tonsils out and it was a piece of cake but I was just wondering how it will effect her diabetes.

Our son was diagnosed last June 30 when he was 8. In December he had his tonsils out. Our endo strongly suggested that the surgeon not administer steroids during surgery. He forgot and did it anyway. Christopher's blood sugar ran  probably 20 or 30 points higher than normal for about a week after that. We had to give extra insulin to compensate. We had a hard time getting him to drink water for a while because he said his throat was too sore. He missed about a week and a half of school. In general, he did pretty well with everything.

Good luck with everything.