My latest 3 month visit!

I'm a very happy camper with my latest diabetes appointment. My a1c's have gone up a little bit, but we know why. I don't change my pump sites enough and every now and then they get kinked. My a1c this time was 7.4 from a 6.5. Not my best, but  definitely not the worst. Lucky for me, there was a Medtronic rep at the clinic today and my mom and I spent a good hour talking to her. She introduced me to the Sure-T infusion set. For anyone who has a pump or knows someone who has one should definitely check these out. They are infusion sets without all the extra parts. (unwrapping the tubing, etc) Basically it's the needle and tubing already loaded in a spring loader. Instead of throwing together all the tubing and loading it into the springer, you simply unwrap a brand new disposable spring every time, pull it back and insert the site. The rep told me they also improved the tubing so that instead of the plastic it's a teeny metal tube (which solves my kinking problem! :) ) We also got some freebies from the rep including insulin vials and a USB for my pump.(Very cool!)

My doctor is very impressed with my blood sugars. He says other than my extension of not changing my site, he is very happy with my progress in maintaining a disease I've had for only two years. 

I tear up now because I feel so grateful to live with a disease I can control. I am so blessed to be able to educate other people about diabetes and help people out. I thank God everyday for this and my many blessings and even for the things I have had to endure to be the person I am today...and that's not just "the person with diabetes".

As you can see, this was one great a1c appointment :)


WOW!! Great job Elena.  It's definitely a good number and learning what you did today will only help to get it lower and lower each time.  Those sites sound pretty amazing too.  I'm gonna have to look for them. 

That's awesome! I have a Medtronic pump as well and have a lot of problems with my infusion sets.(I use the quick set infusion set) I usually have to try twice before I can get it in right without any kinks! I think i will try the Sure-T one. It sounds pretty cool, but which part of the tubing is metal?

On a side note, I admire the progress you have made and your determination. Staying positive is one of the best things you can do. As much as I wish I didn't have this disease, I feel like it has also made me stronger and I know that with God, all things all possible!

Hey, sorry it's been awhile since I got on, the needle part is steel. It basically makes it so it goes right into the tissue and stay there without worries of the tube kinking up as you do so. To me, they're alot less painful to use and I haven't felt it yet. I love them. They help my blood sugar stay in the normal range. The needles on my old sets bend a lot easier so it messes up the inner tubing big time.

And thank you. I am very happy with my results too. I just need to learn to watch how much I eat  and I will be back where I want to be :)

Okay, so I made a mistake. The infusion sets I described are the Mio sets. They come in blue and pink and have the spring preloaded with everything. so they are called MIO not Sure-T. the Sure T's are needles you insert yourself as in with a push button, no springer. (sounds scary, but the rep gave me those to try too)

Good for you, Elena! May you always keep your positive attitude and eagerness. Keep up the great work!

I love the sure-ts! I never ever feel them and have never had a bad site (I always had bad sites with quicksets). Stay positive. Thats awesome!!

wow me and you were dx within one month of one another and my honeymoon phase just ended also I thought it was because I had a baby but looks like it would of happened about this time anyway. I also get in trouble for not changing my sites too.

but good deal with the freebies wish I had a usb cord.