My Lily

My eldest daughter Lily, age 4, just had her 1 year Diaversary. She started her insulin pump a few weeks ago and is doing amazingly well. She is my hero. Here is a poem I wrote for her in honor of this milestone.

I'm so glad she likes the pump.  She sounds like an amazing little girl.

I was diagnosed at age 4 and will turn 40 in a couple weeks.  I have no complications, despite being diagnosed years before glucose meters and decades before pumps were available.  

I've gone to college, worked many different jobs, traveled, and am married and have a son who is not diabetic.  Your daughter is going to do well and like you've probably already figured out, she can have a good life with diabetes.  

Take care and good job getting through this first year.


I am also glad she's doing well.    Hope you are getting all of the support you need.   Please check out the JDRF local chapters and stay active on our site.  Nothing beats fellowship.


hey Jenna, happy birthday =)

Thank you Joe. The JDRF has been a fantastic resource for us and we appreciate all of the support we've received. I appreciate your message.