My low blood sugar is making me bananas!

So it's three in the morning.  My blood sugar was 66 fifteen minutes ago (had a 24 carb juicy juice and a piece of peanut buttered bread) and now it's 59!!! :( I feel like I'm melting and like every single nerve ending in my body is being poked or something.  Does anybody know what I'm talking about?  Or that horrible feeling when your foot goes numb then insanely tingly in a bad way.  My body feels like that but not as painful, just an overall uncomfortable pins and needles sensation.  I don't know what would've caused it, apart from a really hot shower.  Does anyone know why hot water causes a decrease in blood sugar?  I know it's a common occurrence, and also happens to me after being in saunas and hot tubs.  


p.s. I'm loopy right now so GO PACK!!!

hi im new here..nice to know bout the flow of the blood...



What the heck do you mean, "flow of blood?"  

It's inevitable to experience some uncomfortable lows.  Just sayin.  Just keep your chin up.  It's what we ALL have to do, every day.  I'm not trying to be negative, but type 1 is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week job.  Sometimes you feel great for having awesome control, other days you feel like how I just described my low.  I didn't mean to scare you :D 



I've had some lows recently as weell because we are just starting a new softball season, so I'm trying to go from no exercise to moderate amounts of exercise.  There was one day I had to get "testy w/ the D" .  I tested 15 times that day to make sure where I was.  Two night time Low BG's of 49 woke me up as well.  I've had the D for 20 years and have never heard about hot showers or saunas making your bg go low.  IDK about that.

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It's actually Hayley.  With a y :)  And I know how you feel--I have been struggling with keeping my blood sugars up after my workouts (I tend to do about 30-40 minutes of intense cardio).  I usually test about 10 times a day, though, so usually I am in good control, but with exercise, it's definitely harder.  And regarding going low from heat or hot water, I'm not sure.. I know that they put warning signs near hot tubs at workout facilities and hotels, and I have just noticed with my own body that I've gone low from being in really hot showers.  I'll try to find the answer, haha.



I've definitely gotten that full-body tingly, can't-get-comfortable sensation when I've gone stupid you're not alone.

As far as the hot water...I feel like I've heard other people say that too.  This is me totally guessing: Warmth dilates veins, and quickens metabolism, making food digest faster and insulin to be absorbed quicker.  Also the hot water kinda masks physical symptoms you'd feel so it's harder to prevent before you get LOW low.

We give our daughter hot showers or baths to lower her glucose when she has a stubborn high. It works. It's quick too. I think it work because it increases the metabolism. I learned it from someone else that uses hot showers for her daughter too. 

I think temperature affects people differently. There was a girl on here saying that the cold makes her bg go low. I find heat makes mine go low but I have a friend with type 1 as well and she said heat makes her bg rise.

I just went low a couple days ago where my body felt numb. Not my whole body, my arms and then my legs. It was a horrible low. I felt like I was going to pass out, which is a normal feeling during lows for me. I made one of my nieces sit with me cuz I didn't want to be alone when I felt so crappy. Lol. I hate those lows that hit you hard and take what feels like forever to recover from.

Hayley -


I wish my low blood sugar would make me something - I always end up having to go make/get stuff myself... ;)

Interesting for me hot shower would not have that effect - but time out in hot weather does tend to... we all find our own personal kryptonite, i suppose...  the predictable changes become manageable me thinks - glad things came out okay and i think you've got a great attitude!



Are you sure you we're holding your tongue right!!! LOL Just kidding, but I know that oh so special feeling of a low.

Ohmygoodness, I just opened Juvenation to rant about my terrible lows and I saw the title of this post and got very excited.

I tend to run lower in the afternoons, so usually I drop a little.  However, today I came home and was 136, ate a snack and bolused (maybe overdid it a little).  An hour later I was 102 and went driving so I turned off my pump for an hour and had maybe 5 carbs of fast-acting.  An hour later I was 56.  Treated with about 25 grams of fast-acting.  An hour later I was 54 (I don't think I actually ever really came up from my last low...)  Had 20 more carbs of fast-acting and about a 20 carb snack.  Ate dinner (75 carbs).  None of this I bolused for.  An hour later I'm 87, and I still feel like I'm on the brink of a low.  I predict that I'll be in the 300s in a couple of hours, though...

I've also found that hot showers lower my blood sugar, but I feel like being cold (like running in the cold) does as well.  Weird.

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I wish my low blood sugar would make me something - I always end up having to go make/get stuff myself... ;)


Hahaha! Yes!

I have never had symptoms like this before, but I find them nonetheless interesting.

This (Wednesday) morning I was low at 3 am (technically, the time on my pump was 2:57)....46.  It was bad. After I came back up to 76, I had a homemade cookie to treat myself.  They taste really good at 3 am =)