My Mom

Okay my juvenation familia.... I had to come and share with you my SHOCK! Okay so when I was first diagnosed with T1D it was only 4 months after my father took his own life! My mom was raising me 8 and my 5 year old sister alone and it wasnt easy! She was so supportive as a mother should be and she was by my side thru it all! She was my hero! She then re-married very soon after I was diagnosed and  well, my step father wasnt always the greatest! The last 10 years or so my mother and step father have become severe alcoholics and I belive drug users. So it's easy to say they have NOT really been there for me like I would like them to be. My husband doesn't even like to be around them because they ways they have left me "hanging" when I needed them most! Never the less, I sent a mass email to my friends, family and co workers regarding my participation in my area's Walk for The Cure on April 16th. Just letting everyone know I would love to have them join me in the walk but if they are not able to, if they would be willing to donate to my team! Mind you my mother used to walk with me every year till I was 12. The last walk we did together she made shirts that said who everyone was to me (example: Vanessa's Mom, Vanessa's Sister, Vanessa's friend.... on and on). So Im sitting here at work and my cell rings.... its my mom! If it wasnt for caller ID I wouldn't of even known who it was because I dont have her number saved in my phone! ( sad I know) Anywho... she calls and says " I got your email about the walk and Scott ( step dad) still has his Vanessa's Step Dad shirt." I say "Oh Yeah" and she says..... "How do we sign up for the walk? I know years ago we mailed in a form but Im sure I can do it online right?" I was in complete shock. I ask " Your coming to walk with me?" and she says " Yes, me and Scott and some of my friends" WOW is all I keep saying to myself!!! I know I shouldn't get my hopes to high because it's 7:00pm and Im sure she is totally wasted by now BUT Im praying she comes! I won't forget to email her everyday till the 16th :)!!! So I feel really awesome right now and thought I would share it with all of you guys!!!

Thanks for listening to my crazieness :) Have a blessed night!

I love that you shared that story :) and I truely hope they keep their word and support you in the walk. Best of luck to you and we are all here supporting you!!! :D

Hey thanks for sharing that story! I hope she does follow thru and walk, but even if she doesn't, I hope you can savor the fact that she managed to look outside herself for a few minutes to 1. Think that she should do this to support you. 2. Call you. That might be all the love she can manage to show right now and from the sound of your story, that is huge. I guess I'm trying to say, you might carefully guard your heart to not get your hopes up too high and then be disappointed, but really ENJOY the feeling from yesterday for as long as you can.

God bless you and your family!


I am glad to hear that they want to walk with you! Maybe things are looking up! :) This will be my first year doing the walk, but ours is not until the end of September! I hope you have lots of walkers and donations!! Good Luck!

Thank guys :) I tried texting her last night to tell her I love her and I was so happy they are wanting to walk with me.... but no response :( Still keeping my hopes high and keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for you your support and encouraging words!