My name is Nicole and I'm 9 years old

do you think it is fun to have diabetes?  im new to this .what kinds of snack do you eat?

Hey, Nicole.

I've already posted on your dad's threads a lot, so I'm sorry to be the first on yours again :D

Any who, my name is Alyssa. I was only two years older than you when you were diagnosed, I was eleven. But I hear you are quite the trooper, so nice job, Nicole.

Most definately I think it can be fun. Its almost like a game. Maybe you can hit your dad up for a bet and see if he'll pay you a quarter every time your blood sugar's in range or something :)  It isn't as complicated as it seems, and it will only get easier with every passing second. And I bet you can make it fun, too. I named my insulin pump Rex; you should name your blood sugar meter :)

For "free carb" snacks I eat cheese, nuts (watch carbs on these so you don't have too many), meats, most lunch meats, eggs (boiled is great), and pickles. Most veggies, as well. Hope this helps and its cool that you posted this :D



thanks for all your great advice.i think you,ll be fun to right for advice .im going to try that quarter thing with my dad :)    my blood sugar is 188 so im proud.please right back.


(Alyssa, this is Dad.  Thanks for making my little girl giggle, just, uhhh, next time lets ease up on the money shakedowns off Dad in the future K?  I'm already out $1.25)                                                                                                                                         

Dear Nicole,

No problem. As I'm about to tell your dad, its a diabetic-bond I've got to work your dad for the money :) (PS: on Halloween, when I was diagnosed my dad paid me a nickle for every piece of candy I got... I don't think I'm getting on your dad's good side).

I think you're fun, too, Nicole and I look forward to your messages! Nice job on the blood sugar, that's incredible.


To Nicole's Dad: Sorry, man, its a diabetic-bond, I've got to go for the quarters for her :D But, we'll have mercy on you. How about a nickle or a dime for every time she's in range? See? It's just a game :)

Hello Nicole,It is nice to meet you!!

dear, Alyssa


i have to take my insulin and go to bed soon soright back qiuck as posible telling me what time you what to meet on here.please write back:)

You can find me on here mostly any time of the day. You name it, my friend and I'd be glad to chat :D

ok cool . well talk again soon:)happy 4th of july .good night alyssa.    nicole

Sleep good, Nicole :D

Hi Nicole! I'm Janna.  I was diagnosed when I was 10. So about the same age as you. It was hard at first, but my mom went to nursing school because of it and she helps other people all the time. and because of her going to school I got to have horses. :) they help me keep my blood sugars in range because of the activity.

 find something you have fun with and keep at it.

and if you EVER have any questions, send me a mesage. :)

good luck kiddo! :)

its nice to meet you old are you andwhats your name.please write back:)

Hey Nicole :D

I got diabetes when I was young, too, so I know what you're going through.  You're very brave! I bet your daddy is very proud of you!

Diabetes can actually be a very fun disease! Like Alyssa said, you can always name your diabetes "tools" (just don't have conversations with them like she does!)

For snacks, carrots, cheese, meat, or vegetables are always good, and you don't even have give yourself insulin for them!

Good job with your good bloodsugars, keep it up!

If you ever want to talk, I'm always on (;


(sorry, just thought I'd bump this, shes so adorable)