**My new PINK pump and my video of "My Life with Type 1"**

I know some of you may have seen this video already, but I think many of you (probably college age girls, the most!) could really relate to this video and will find it inspirational.  This is a peek into the life of a college age girl with type 1 (dxed at age 7, dad also has type 1).





have you always done the pump ?

i loved your video!! such a simply strong message that helps so many (especially young) people with type 1 diabetes :)

Nope.  I was diagnosed at 7 and I did shots until I was in 5th grade, and I've done the pump since then.  I much prefer it to shots..haha.  My dad has used shots for about 10 years.

Thank you! :)

Thanks for posting the video Hayley! Very inspirational. It made me cry, haha :)

Great video! Made me cry, too. I sent the link to a friend who just got set up on a pump today! She'll probably cry too. Haha.

Where did you get your bracelet???