My new tattoo!

got a cover up tattoo done today. im sooo happy with the result. my foots a bit swollen(as you can see from the last photo) at the moment and it's a little tender(spending the day on teh couch with my roomie and my buddy haha) but maaaan does it look good. Took about 2hours to complete, which is the longest i've been in the chair! my back tattoo only took about an hour!


free hand drawing over the ugly bat tattoo from halloween!!

first 5min break i took was after the outline and the scales. the bats already disappearing!!

finished product!!


washing it off at home. ugggh the cold water felt so good but hurt at the same time lol

a tad swollen but looking goooood!

cool tatoo Batts, you would never know that there was anything underneath it. Hope the swelling goes down soon for you and hope that your newest tatoo heals well.

And enjoy your day on the couch to!!



thanks :) the swellings gone down quite a bit, i can hobble about now! haha but it'll stay around for a few days..which means work is gonna be a pain! :( oh well so worth it haha.

I'm already sick of the couch haha i hate sitting around doing nothing! gonna be a while til i can go for a run around the lake too i think!

I love it!  I've been in the chair for 1 1/2 hours.... it's not easy.  Good hanging in!

thanks Lori :)

I like your tatoo,,,no tatoo around here yet...but my teen and her friends have plans,Ha,Thanks for the pictures.!!

thanks meme :)

haha i got my first tattoo at 18 when i was legal, so watch out!!

i got a bat, then a year later a mom tattoo and then the second bat in october on my foot and now this!

Very cool tat Batts! I got my first (and only) one in December. My dad said "Here, I don't know what to get you for Christmas. So here's an extra $100." And BAM! The rest is history....


oh cool vanessa :)

Love the colors Batts, very pretty.

thanks :)

it looks really good now that its totally healed

i love tatts. i've got 2 myself. i already have plans for more, but they'll have to wait until i actually have some expendable income (which could be awhile...)

haha ya, i had to give up a few nights out and eat at my moms cuz of it.

looks very nice.  I only have one and it has saved my life once!