My New Years 2012 and 1st surgery

So Happy!!! It's been almost 48 hours I've been out of the Hospital! This is My New Years 2012!!!!

 The Fri. before this New Years weekend. It's been 3 days now of nothing but a severe pain in my stomach!!! I need to go to ER!!!!  ER, I get admitted, X-rays, the Dr.'s have found a blockage!!! in my small bowels. They put in an NG tube and start to pump my stomach out. This in not very much fun!!!! After pumping and pain meds. Starting to feel better. Remove tube, clear liquids, then food. after 3 days I go home. 10 hours later I am back in ER, they had told me if you started to throw up/severe pain, get back in fast!!! Well that's what happened! Readmitted and in a bed now. Now it's been about 3-4 days no food!!! Again with that stupid NG tube up my nose!!  It took 5 tries to get it in!!! And hurt so much. Now the Dr.'s tell me They going to look inside!  They put me on a special bed and take me to OR. They explain what they are going to do and what could happen!!! I sign paper says OK do it! LOL

 Waking wake up, I hear "Mr. Johnson can you hear me????? Yes I can! Good I need you to understand what has happened, Can you do that??? Yes! Good, do you know where you are at??? Yes VA Hospital coming out of surgery!! Very Good Mr. Johnson!!! OK They had to remove part of your small bowel and resection! Do you understand??? Yes I understand!!!! My next thought was I am going to have a good scar! I get transfered to a regular bed. Now here comes the Dr.'s. Hi Mr. Johnson How do you feel??? Pretty good just hurting!!! What is the pain like?? Feels like someone has just cut me open!!! Very Good Mr. Johnson!!! WE had to remove appox 12 inches of your small bowel and resection. OK I now have a scar going from the bottom center of my rib cage to the top of my belly button and it's closed with staples!!! Looks like railroad tracks!!! LOL By now I am on a pain pump, my friend! I hit the button a few seconds later,  relief, wait 10 mins and hit button again. after about an hour I call the nurse and ask if I can get up and walk. They disconnect my Iv and I go for a little walk!!! It felt good! Over the next few days I kept walking!!!

 Now it's been 7 days I've eaten clear liquids(2 meals) They were not diabetic nice!! I told them this diet will raise my bs high!!! I eat my bs goes up to 200+. My diabetes control is very important to me , so I have my kit with me!!! Don't leave home without even in the hospital!!!! LOL So I fix myself a correction!!! 2 units Novolg and tell them what I did. Weeelll this caused quite a stink!!!!!! They didn't like me giving myself insulin!!! And I did a second correction. Now comes the war!!!! LOL Since they have been testing my bs every 6 hours the diabetes educator comes to see me!!!

 The visit!!! The 1st thing she says is "the endo wants you to start long insulin(Lantus). At this point I kind of blew up!!!! I have been type 1 for almost 4 years now, taking care of MY DIABETES!!!!! I have only seen this endo twice the whole 4 years and the first was only a couple of months ago!!!!! Long insulin are you crazy!!!!!!! That will only cause me to go low!!!!!! I am not going low!!!!!!!! I refused the insulin. And we came to a comprise. I keep my insulin but gave up my needles!!!!! and if I need some they will bring me a needle for my use!!!! Nobody is going to mess with my control, nobody after all it's My Diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DIABETES!!!!!!!!

 My bs were good!!!! the whole time!

Now comes the really bad part!!!! What a special New Years for me!!!!!

It's been 7 days after my surgery. Got thru clear liquids, semi-solid liquids and now I am eating my first solid food of the New Year!!!! Over 7 days and my 1st solid food. I am so out of here. LOL Doing good and now I am off the pain pump, no more tubes!!! I get my 1st oral pain med!!!! OK so out of here!!!!

30 mins later, PAIN like I have never felt before. Most pain in my life!!!!! I am 55 years old!!! I call the nurse and tell her, Please I need something the pain is so bad!!!!!! She OKI 'll call the Dr.!!! What that nurse did next I am sure helped save me!!!! That nurse is my personal Hero!!!!! So perfect what she did!!!!!! Sorry got to go cry a little!!!!!!!

OK better!!! So she calls the Dr. and tells them you had better get here quick there is something very wrong!!!!! This man never complains about pain and in severe pain Now!!!!! She come back to me and tells me what she did. A shot of morphine in the old iv and I start to feel some relief!!! next I am being taken to x-ray. Back from x-ray, more pain meds, I close my eyes. Mr. Johnson, I open my eyes and there is the Dr.. Mr Johnson we found fluid in the x-ray and need to take you back to surgery!!! Oh Great!!! I bet this is going to hurt, but OK. Now I am being put on an OR bed and taken to OR. They again explain what is about to happen, sign forms for surgery!!! I go out!!!!

 Waking up, i realize I am being moved. Wow surgery is over!!! Mr. Johnson can you hear me???? Yes. I can hear you. Good I need you to listen to what I am about to say, Can you do that??? Yes! OK Good,  do you know where you are at???? Yes VA hospital. very good Mr. Johnson!!! Ok you had to have a 1 liter blood clot removed!! Do you understand???? Yes you removed a blood clot. Very good Mr. Johnson!!! they also gave you 2 liters of blood and you're going to ICU !!!  Wow my next thought was, ICU! The last time I was at this very same VA Hospital in Aug./08 I was in ICU being dx'ed type 1 diabetic!!!!!!!!! So both times I have been overnight in this hospital I ended up in ICU!!!!! Aren't I just the lucky one!!!!!! LOL 

I am now in ICU laying there tubes, wires going in and out of me!!! A screen with running graphs, o2, heart rate, EKG, Breathing rate and blood pressure. Also at this time I think I've been poked with every kind of needle they had!!!!! LOL The ICU nurse starts asking me how I feel. I hurt I said What is the pain like??? Told him it felt like I had been cut open twice, LOL Yes I did laugh!!!!! Good we'll take care of that!!! Shot in the old iv and I start to feel relief!!! Closed my for just a second and I hear MR. Johnson!!! I open my eyes to see a bunch of Dr.'s and the head Dr. says How are you feeling??? Again I said I feel like someone who's been cut open twice, kind of hurts like you think it would!!!! Very good Mr. Johnson! They go and explain what happened in the OR. Opened up again, found 1 liter blood clot and removed, gave me 2 liters of blood, couldn't find any leak and lot's of scar tissue for just 7 days after 1st surgery!!! Guess I heal fast!!! LOL

 I only was in ICU about 6 hours!!! The nurse told me I don't need to be here and there moving me to regular bed!!!! I am now in regular bed, and the first thing I did??? Called  for a nurse and asked to be disconnected so I could take a walk. I guess I really like walking!!! It help make feel better.

 Now it's been over 2 weeks and no solid food. The Dr. comes in tells me I need some kind of special iv that will allow me to get food by iv. Oh what fun this New Year has been so far!!!! Get that done, I now have a tube that puts stuff right into my heart!!!!! Werid LOL Now my food?? is special made each morning after my blood tests!!! See Lucky ME!!!!

Almost 3 weeks, I am now able to get clear food, 2 days now I can have my 1st solid food in 3 weeks, turkey, stuffing, etc... Only ate a little, but I ate, finally looks like I am getting out!!! Looking in a mirror I see this Really skinny man looking at me!!! Bones everywhere. Not very pretty to say the least!!! I ask if I can get my weight. When I went in I was 171, 6 feet tall and 55 years old. Well when they weighted me I was less than 150, 148 something!!!! OH, Wow I had lost of 20 lbs!!!! 

 50 hours ago I was released from the hospital. I have been so happy these 2 days. My 1st 2 days of the New Year not in a hospital!!!!! 

So What did you guys do for New Years????? ROFLMAO because I am still here!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!

Wow, what a story, Keith. Glad you came out all right. You've been through a lot. Funny story, I spent my New Years in the ER too. But for less serious reasons. I had the flu and got dehydrated and was in a lot of pain. On January 1 my insurance changed, so I actually waited until after midnight before going to the hospital. It was too confusing to go December 31 with one insurance card and then tell them after midnight use THIS insurance card!

I'm glad you're ok, though. Thanks for sharing your story with us.