My One Year Diaversary

With the one year aniversary of my diagnosis coming up it got me thinking. When I was diagnosed I was hospitalized for 3 days & nights. I cried non-stop the last night & day and didn't stop until after I got home. I was a size 0 and not much over 100 pounds. I've since gained about 20 pounds. Pre-hospitalization I would sleep all night then be back in bed by noon I was so tired all the time. My A1C was 14.2. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism, though I only need to take one pill a day for that. The first time I laughed after starting insulin I laughed so hard I cried & I realized I hadn't laughed in so long I couldn't remember. The second time I had energy after starting insulin my youngest niece told me that I must be feeling better. And I promised her that I wouldn't be that tired grumpy aunty ever again. Sometimes I still cry, lots of times I still feel sick and know that'll never change. And I'm thankful to my artificial insulin for keeping me alive and well enough that I can play with my nieces everyday. It's a roller coaster ride with dizzying highs and even more dizzying lows. Literally. It's impacted every single part of my life. And I'm still learning how to live my life without my health. But, I'm learning. And with my diaversary around the corner I know I made it through one year with this permanent incurable disease. And I'm gonna keep track and see how many more I make. And try to appreciate every day I have watching my nieces grow because diabetes can take you in an instant.

Nice post. You know just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you aren't healthy.