My Poem of Diagnosis


christmas day is here

I planned on waking up, real early full of cheer

but my planned changed, with the flu i did belive

It got really bad on the night of Christmas eve

so I woke up instead, late and feeling crummy

Something was jumping around in my tummy

I felt like I was going to faint

but I stayed strong, and put on war paint

but later I couldnt last, couldnt move at all

was carried to emergancy, my 50 pounds, much to small

Was put on sugar IV by doctors who didnt know..

I was a 67 though..

So they freaked out and yanked it away..

they couldn't belive that alive I did Stay

now 2 years later. Im fine all in all

but for others being diagnosed right now, all I can do is pray

that there will be a CURE SOMEDAY

 Katrina R.


I worte this poem just now... I lov rhyming things, and I think i have a nack for it :D..