My pump!

I finally got the word from my insurance (in writing) that I can finally open my pump! I've had the box for a month but couldn't open it. I know to some this isn't a big deal but I have waited 5 years for them to change their mind! I still have to go to pump school but at least I'm one step closer!

Yeah congrats!

Wait... why would you not be able to open it? 

Thanks Julie!


Last time I tried for the pump the insurance said they would more than likely cover the pump but nothing was official. The pump was mailed to me and medtronic told us not to open the box, if we open the box and insurance doesn't cover it we would be responsible for the cost. Turns out they didn't cover it  (they said I would have to be in Hospice care) and had to send the pump back... worst day ever! It doesn't really make sense to me so I hope I'm explaining this right

I'm confused! Your first post in this thread says your insurance company finally gave you permission to open the pkg, but your most recent post says you had to send it back. I hope you're going to be able to get trained and start using your pump. Which one is it?

5 years ago I had to send it back. I get to keep it now.

Okay, I get it now!  CONGRATS!!  That's very exciting.  Maybe you said this already and I missed it, but what pump did you get?

[quote user="Kim"]what pump did you get?[/quote]

Medtronic Minimed 522, I hope it's a good one!