My pump!

It's on it's way here!! It'll be here in a week! I am SOO excited! 

That is exciting! I remember that day!

I just started pumping three weeks ago so if you need any advice just let me know!


what pump did you get?

Congrats on the pump. Getting the pump in the mail is a great day. The worst is if you have to wait a long period of time for the setup. 'Cause you just stare at the box, play with it do what you are "allowed" to do and than just wait... Good luck.

eh.. lol i dunno! its a meditronic though. and it's purple. :)

it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that it's here how long until your training? I hope it comes along fast, the waiting kills you. However, enjoy reading everything. I read the manual five times before going to the training. When I went it was supposed to be about 4 hours. I was done in just over two hours because we did not need to cover all the tiny things that the educator normally does.

only a week!! it seems like forever right now....... but my brother had to wait for months!! so i feel really lucky!! :)  i was so excited when it came i cried and cried. lol. the idea of only having 1 needle for ever 3 or 4 days is absolutely THRILLING! i'm on air!! i've already read the manual once... hehe. it's going to be amazing!

I feel happy for you. I remember when my pump came......................... yup, those where the days.... lol :)

Oh my exciting I cant wait for you to get it...I remember when I was waiting for my pump, I would call my mom from work everyday at 11am because i knew that was when Fedex came ahah good luck let us know how it goes!

i got it. it's here. it's working. i love it! :)

     Going on the pump relieves so much stress.  It simplifies almost everything about diabetes, and makes management so much easier.  There is such a big difference between having to give needles all the time and just pushing a button to administer the insulin.

i got mine recently. i had to wait 2 months. 3 weeks left... but yeah, im soooo excited

and I'll bet that time is just not passing by quick enough for you!  Good luck!