My Senior Exhibit

Here is a link to my senior exhibit

If any one want to read the full artist statement just ask.


Your art is amazing i love it. And i love how you use art and food truley awesome have you shown it anywhere yet?

Holy cow!  I LOVE this collection!  My favorite is the .7 Units (Grapefruit), the colors and shapes are beautiful.  The concept of foods and units is genious, but maybe only a diabetic would think it is.  :)


Great work!  Thanks for sharing with all of us.  Did you get an A++?



Only at my  BFA senior exhibit in the school gallery. But I am thrilled to say that I may have a buyer for a few paintings from a local art firm! Nothing is final yet, but it sounds promising =) (crosses fingers)

All the paintings are for sale -I have too many paintings and I'm running out of storage space so they have to go. XD

Thanks Georgia- Ya the .7 Units got a really good reception. (I find it really funny that I know the number titles better then the word titles) Actually you would be surprised how well people took to the titles of these paintings, diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

"These titles provide a level of connection to the abstracted imagery that only a limited group of people initially capable of connecting with. The titles have the ability to alter the viewer’s perception of what is depicted for those who posses the proper syntax. Those possessing the diabetic’s syntax can unlock humor, frustration, and joy from the paintings, just as those who are aware of the syntax of art know more about the paintings then the lay viewer."

Non-diabetics were really intruiged and were asking LOTS of questions about the titles. It really threw them for a loop, but it was a mystery that they really enjoyed- viewers came up with many ideas about what the mystery code ment and would come up to me with their hypothesis, lots of fun.

Wow. your a realy good painter!!!! Are they acrylic paint or oil paint????

Thank you,

They are acrylic. My studio doesn't have good enough ventilation for oil.

I like the third picture best,I like the colors.You would be surprised how many times I check over here to see the art.Great work!!

Take a look at what is posted underr forums,what a great idea,hope to see your art there.