My Son on YouTube

Hey everyone,

Beemer worked really hard writing, recording and getting his dad to video tape this video.  Not looking for donations here, just wanting to share how a 7 year old is working to fight for a cure.

Really proud of our boy.

Here's his video:, of course, if you want to donate...  ;o)



awesome video! made me a little teary eyed and brought back memories from being a kid!!


best of luck with the fundraising. I would donate, but I'm already participating in the local Walk so I'm pledging my roomie whose doing it with me :)

(i did post it on my FB though cuz i think it's an awesome video!)

Wow, your video made me so emotional!

Tell Brandon thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping find a cure for our disease!!

All us T1s appreciate it :)

I hope he raises his goal (I've almost raised mine thanks to all my friends and family!) We are all doing such a good job for JDRF this year!! Congrats.

Again, please pass on my message and wish him luck in his (and our) fight!

I definitely got goosbumps watching his video. It's great to see other T1's out and fighting for a cure! :] I hope he reaches his goal!

Wow that was really awesome!! I also posted it on my Facebook page in hopes that my friends will watch! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video!


Congratulations on raising such a lovely youngster. You should be very proud.

I thought the movie was great and very original compared to all the other fundraising movies on Youtube.  Tell your son that his movie is awesome and best of luck with fundraising!!


Tell Beemer his video is awesome!! Such a sweet kid. Made me emotional... I posted it on my facebook page.

Canadian James,

Deeply touching, beautiful - well done and... awww heck - I'm at a loss for words...



Wow A-D,

Now that is a shocker!!!!!!!! It was a touching video. These are the kinds of videos people need to see.

That was an amazing video. I am sure you will do great rasing money for the JDRF. Good luck and thanks for suckering me out of some of my money...

Beemer is so sweet !! I showed all of my friends his video and we all "oood and ahhhhhd" together!

Tell Beemer I think he is amazing!! -ally

@Batts, LauraJ, and Gina: thank you so much for posting the video on Facebook and getting the word out! There are half a dozen people we don't know and can't figure out why someone from 2,000 miles away would donate, but it's because of people like you..thanks again!


@Andrée & Batts: so great to hear you're out there doing the fund raising too and that it sounds like your events will be a success.  Our team grew by 10 people this year and by about 30% in much for the recession, eh? ;o)  Big hearts in low times...


@Ashley Kay and Lea Taylor: we are incredibly blessed and proud of both our boys, it's a lot of growing up for our younger son too, with all the questions and daily exposure.  We have been smiled on to have two kids with hearts of gold.


@Katie: thank you for your words of encouragement! We were worried it would be a little too long, but decided to do the whole song when the artist gave us the go-ahead.  Beemer came up with most of the ideas for things to shoot, and everything he spoke was his words...but Mommy and Daddy might have helped a little too! ;o)


@A-D: so is it official? Am I the first to leave you speechless on Juvenation? :oD


@Allyrose: you got Beemer blushing, good work! hehehe...


and last but not least, SOOOO not least...

@Brian:  THANK YOU so much for your generous donation. I can't imagine anyone on this site who isn't involved, volunteering, learning, donating or helping others in some way, so your donation means even that much more.  Cheers!



thanks for all the feedback everyone, and best of luck with all your efforts as well!



Way to go Beemer, you're doing a great job taking care of your diabetes. I'm proud of you for being so brave and for being involved in fundraising. Other children will look up to you and hope that they too are taking good care of themselves.

Mom and Dad, you've raised a great little man !!

 Little brother, thank you for being very supportive and understanding, it is greatly appreciated !!

Canadian James,

Nearly so... your SON is the first to leave me in said state :P



FANTASTIC  Beemer,I will give because of your video, thank you and your parents for making it.


After seeing such an amzing video how could I not support anothers efforts. Back when I was raising funds for my walk I was shocked at the generosity of people I knew and did not know. My philosphy is I have been blessed so many times with financial support for both myself and for my prescriptions over the years. Right now I am in the black so now is the time to give. Plus with you being up in Canada and such the conversion to the Canadian Dollars saved me about $2.40 so I even saved some money!!

Thanks again, everyone!

Screemin' Beemers (my son's team) raised approximately $3200 this year and the Walk, which my wife co-chairs, raised over $32,000!  This is in a small town of about 35,000 people.  

You CAN raise $1/person in your community, probably more!  

Get out there and DO IT!


Amazing!! Such good fundraising efforts, congratulations!!! WOOOO

Something truly amazing will come of all our joined efforts.. LET IT COME!

Canadian James,

I haven't been on juvenation in a while and I just came across your video.  As many people have already said, thank you for sharing.  It is so well done!  Kind of like looking into a mirror at my own childhood...

Your recurring images of blood testing and insulin injecting are really powerful and I love your son's positive spirit and smile!  Thank you for creating this and congratulations on your fundraising efforts!  Amazing!!