My son

every month or so I test my son's blood sugar just out of curiosity because I guess I just live with that fear that he will also become D. well I did it tonight and it is higher then normal (which it is usually like 90 or close to that when I test him) It was 170. so my question is should I become worried right now or can people without D have a sugar that high sometimes too?  by the way he is only 2

I am pretty positive they can have high blood sugars.



Would he by any chance have a little sugar residue on his little tiny finger? I do the same thing to my husband from time to time. His ranges from 90 to 145, and has gone up to 180. I know they are a different age, but I don't want you to worry. I would just get him checked at his next physical. Hope this helps :)

how long ago did he last eat? One time I tested my little brother's blood sugar because he was acting kind of diabetic, and it was like 205. Turns out it was a false alarm and he had just eaten pizza and had a huge soda like an hour before, and was getting a post meal spike.

I would think that it would totally depend on how long after dinner you tested his bg.

well I just put him to bed and tested again just now and it is still 170. so I guess i will just test him first thing in the morning and see what it says. thank you guys for your input and continue to give me more because i doubt i'll sleep well tonight. I'll be up praying

I have checked my girls and my husband about a million times. Hey, we are diabetic - it's what we do :)

I agree.. not only does it depend on when he ate last but how many carbs. As you watch him, be sure and watch for how thirsty he is and how often he goes to the bathroom.

Thhe worrying never stops, I hate to tell you. My 20 year old just made a statement the other day about how thirsty she has been at night and when she first wakes up. Of course, I asked her about how thirsty she was during the day and if she is going to the bathroom a lot more. She said her thirst is just when she is asleep and first wakes up and no problems with having to go to the bathroom a lot more. I had her GAD antibodies checked just about a year ago - for the third time. But, I still always worry - and always will.

Be watchful of other symptoms and if you are still worried talk to your pediatrician.

Good luck



O.k so it is 8:30 a.m and I just checked sean's sugar and it was 125 which seems good to me. what do you all think? thanks for all the input.

I think thats a good sign! He isn't possibly getting a little cold or anything?

My friends like to check their blood sugar when we go out partying (don't know why, but it seems so great when they are drunk haha).  I check my one friends and it was 220, and the others was 180!  They kind of freaked out, but had also just been drinking lots of drinks mixed with coke.  Their sugars were fine later on, and they are definitely not diabetic.  Looks like normal people get spikes in their sugars too.  It could definitely be possible he is getting a little bit sick or something.  I don't think you have anything to worry about, but it never hurts to keep checking:)

I think that 220 sounds too high!  You may want to consider tester accuracy, never know.  Could it be possible that the person with the 220 is in the early stages of Type 1 or Type II?  I hope he/she went to the doctor and continues to monitor their sugars.

I would definitely take my children to the pediatrician if I thought there were any concerns with blood sugars, just to be safe and put your mind at ease.  I have three children (17, 13, 8) and feel anxious when checking their blood sugars.  I rarely do that anymore, but am aware of the symptoms and take them to the doctor regularly.  I hope everyone is fine and all the worrying was for nothing.


First, I would second Val's comment... I think anytime there is doubt, it is best to get a solid MD opinion to weigh in on the item...

Secondly, thanks for making me feel a little less weird about doing the once every 3 weeks dip-stick to diaper with my kids to check their urine for sugar...

I hope it is any of a 100 other things and that your son is and stays healthy!!!

Please keep us posted on what you decide and what you find out...


What a way to get rid of exercise :D Can you image how much that would weigh? And, you can't hide that in your pocket :D

Boy! Am glad they figured out how to make it smaller!

This was awesome to look over. I have memories of going to Diabetes Camp back around 1982, and there was a counselor there with a pump that she wore in a backpack. Although is was much smaller than the one in this picture, I have always remembered it all these years. makes me so glad I have my Minimed and not one of these monsters. Thanks for the slideshow!

I've got the 50-year medal. I'm not sure, but I think the reasons why only a few have 25 year recognition are that the 25-year recognition is a certificate, not a medal, and the existence of the 25-year certificate is not widely known. I didn't have any contact with Joslin until I applied for the 50-year medal. And that's something else - you must APPLY to Joslin for these recognitions, they won't come and find you. Eli Lilly Co also has a 50-year award. Lilly used to work with Joslin in screening 50-year applications, but HIPPA ended that cooperation. Since you have to supply some kind of evidence of your 50 (or 75) years, I think quite a few who have >25 years are submitting applications for the 25-year certificate, so as to get their evidence into the Joslin system, so when they reach 50 years all the paper work is already out of the way, and you get the medal pretty promptly. In my case it took me 3 or 4 years to overcome the fact that my hospital records were no longer available.

thats really amazing Tom, I'm glad to know you.  50 years is a long time, any plans on getting that 75 year medal?  Some people are just privileged to live that long and they don't even have diabetes.  (on a side note I think you look a lot like Larry King in your photo on here haha)


I'm already more than half way from 50 to 75. I put on a big party when I reached 60 years, but I've already decided that when I reach 75, someone else will have to do the party. In the mean time, like some others on Juvenation have already stated, I just take one day at a time.


My cousin's grandfather (not any relation to me), was diagnosed with diabetes in the 1920s. When he died, he had over 70 years with Type 1 and hardly any complications! I have never heard of a medal before, but that's nice to keep in mind! I have a friend who has about 22-23 years, so she'll be quickly approaching her certificate age!

I like this post,hope to hear about more people doing so good---way to go Tom !!