My son's blood sugar

I know have posted about this before but I was doing a random blood sugar test on my 2 year old who is not diabetic. ( i just always have a fear that he will be at some point) well tonight it was 277!! he did just finish eating cookies with cool whip about an hour ago. so is it ever normal for a non- diabetic to have a blood sugar that is that high. i am freakin out here. 

I'm not sure if I'm correct in this but I think nondiabetics can have highs as well as lows. If you think about it, when people don't eat for a long period of time they sometimes just feel off or overhungry - which I made my dad test his bg once when he felt this way and as it turned out he was in the 50's. He's not diabetic. Also, highs - think about when someone eats something really sugary. Like I remember before I was diagnosed after eating a donut or something I'd get sluggish about an hour afterward unless I had "real" food with it. So I think this may have been a high, and I also think nondiabetics can also be high. But I'm not sure :)

Maybe you should test his bg in the morning or something when he hasn't had a lot of food but rather when he just gets up. Keep us posted, good luck, and my fingers are crossed for all to be well for you two :)

 Maybe something more reliable would be to do an A1c on him?  You can get them at W-mart for $9 and I think you have to send it off, but it would be an interesting way to continue your experiment if you weren't wanting to get a doctor involved yet.

yeah, i just put him to bed. I guess i will just check it in the morning for a fasting. i am hoping that it was just a fluke with my meter or he had some sugar on his fingertip or something. he hasn't been exibititing any of the other symptons,extreme thirstor urinating alot.  i will let you all know what is is in the a.m

Julia a fasting is a more reliable sugar to go by then right after he just ate something sugary  and sweet...

Hey Julia, my friend once had a sugar of 252 after eating pixie sticks but it went down to normal about 15 minutes later. I would be willing to bed your son just had sugar on his fingers, but if he didn't and was that high an hour after eating I would get it checked out. 

Julia, just for education purposes, most doctors feel it is perfectly normal to have an after-meal glucose up to 140. But I agree that if he is only 2 and he had just eaten cookies (finger foods!) then the high reading was probably some sugar still on his little fingers. As well as you try to wash tiny fingers, small children tend to bend fingers and not soap well. Also, while 140 is considered the highest non-diabetic post-prandial glucose (this is the official term for after meal glucose), the truth of the matter is that one test isn't a good proof of how well anybody's pancreas is doing. Normal people DO have glucose levels that change all day long, and different foods along with different activities do cause non-diabetic people to have big variation in their glucose levels. Truly, you would see thirst and fatigue if he were diabetic.

But to put the matter to rest (I am a mother, too, and I know that once a fear is in place, you do need to find an answer), you can check him again at another time. A diabetic child will have high levels when fasting as well as after meals. A non-diabetic child will not, for even if his levels rise, his body will produce insulin to lower a higher-than-ideal reading. So a fasting may give you a clearer answer, or the good idea posted earlier about paying for an a1c test. That's really the best way to know how a person's pancreas is performing.

ok  well thank you everyone for your input on this matter. This morning when sean woke up his blood sugar was 118 so i feel pretty good about that. even though i feel that a non-diabetic fasting blood sugar would be lower then even that, but i also do tend to over think stuff.  I wonder if tests have been done on non diabetics where they have their sugar tested every hour to see how much of a fluctuation there is depending on the foods that they eat. I personally would find the research very interesting.

I thought it'd be interesting for a nondiabetic to wear a CGM. My dad's considered doing that, but we never really talked anything more about it other than he'd like to.

I had a non-diabetic co-worker who tested a CGM for 24 hours. He always started his day by drinking a regular Mountain Dew on his 45 min drive into work. If I recall correctly, he said he peaked somewhere over 200 but it didn't last for long - he was pretty much back to normal by the time he got to the office. I remember he was really shocked at how high it went though.

The best thing I would say is to try and get that checked out by a doctor. He will be the best one to tell you :)

I would argue this is proboly normal for anyone who just ate alot of sugar, insuin takes awhile to kick in, and everyone is different

Hi Julia,

You're doing the right thing to keep a close eye on your son. You need to keep your antennae up - just in case. If he DOES have diabetes,staying vigilant will keep him from suffering with highs as an undiagnosed child which may lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). But please don't obsess or transfer that fear and worry over to your children. If you suspect something see your doctor to be sure. "Normal" people also have highs and lows, and your trusted doctor can help you make a more definitive diagnosis.