My sons glucose level

Hello everyone,

My son is 6 mos old ad i am a type 1 diabetic.Jjust on a whim i checked his blood sugar today and his level was 128. Granted that was prolly 30 min or so after eating a bottle. is this normal or is level a little high??? Any thoughts or concerns??

Thank You :0

When this happened to me I called my pediatrician and he said to do a fasting test the next morning and make sure the baby's hands were clean.  My son's fasting blood sugar was normal.  He's 7 now and does not have diabetes.

I later learned that post meal (postprandial) blood sugar below 140 is considered non-diabetic.  So your son's level is normal.

Think most parents with diabetes are watchful for it in their children.   I'm usually laid back but anytime my son had a lot of soggy diapers or looked pale I would test his blood sugar.   After he got a little older I stopped stressing about it so much.