My speech i wrote for the little kids k-5..Tell me what yall think?

Well first my name is Amanda Treadway and i am 14 years old and i got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on November 1,2007.The day they called and told me i need to come to Childrens Hospital the next morning that my sugar was 575 and it is suppose to be 80-120,I went the next morning and they checked my sugar again and said well maybe something went wrong or maybe it could be type 2,so we waited there forever and they finally came back and said it was type one,i then wasnt a very happy person.I then knew i was going to be taking shots for the rest of my life or i would die and i knew i wouldnt be able to eat like i use to or eat whenever.So that day and more days i came back up and we talked about diabetes and everything about it,so glad i didnt have to stay in the hosptial over night like mostly everyone does.They showed me how to do the shots and everything and the first time i went home with diabetes my mom fixed something we had planned up there and it was good but it was so little to what i was use to eating.So i ate but also why i ate i just cried thinking why me,why cant it be someone else,but no it had to be me!! Then after all that was over thinking going back to school ohh noo how will this feel.We then didnt have such a good nurse but she was ok and what if my so called friends made fun of me.Well luckly they didnt and everything went fine.Now that all that went by.Diabetes started to get easier and i started feeling when i was low,but still that it was getting easier i still didnt want it.I kinda stopped my life and let diabetes control it,that you dont even wanna do and i didnt wanna do it either.I wouldnt go anywhere unless my parents were there and i was always so scared about my sugar dropping and i still am.Diabetes is important thing in life.You have to check your sugar you have to take you shots and you need to eat right and if you dont do any of this stuff many things could happen to you,and also a short unhealthy life,and me i wanna live a long healthy life so i have no choice but to take care of myself.I then in october got the pump and now things are easier but i make it hard on myself and thers is no need for me to do that.All of us that are diabetic really want a cure bad and there are so many little kids getting type 1 diabetes everyday.Maybe just cause you dont have it dont mean you cant donate to help find one and help us out.There will be a walk for JDRF on May 15.This will be my first walk and i am soo excited!! You dont have to have diabetes to walk,you can just wanna support your friends or family that have diabetes.So for all you little kids out there with diabetes dont let diabetes control you,you control diabetes and live life to the fullest because you only have one live and you dont wanna ruin it just cause of diabetes!!

I think  it's very good.  You are clearly speaking from the heart and sharing the benefit of your experience.  Just curious, who is your audience?  I'm just aksing because at one point you refer to knowing when you're feeling low.  If it's not a diabetic audience, they might not understand "feeling low".  Either way, I think if your audience is not kids with D, you put a good human face on what kids with D go through. The more kids understand, the better off we all are. If it's kids with D, then I think they can feel reassured by your experience.

Anyway, great job! Let us know how it goes.

Thank you and well there are some little kids with it but most arent but i will add that in there when i read it lol
I will let yall know and i hope it goes good =)

You'll do great!

Thanks i am sure lol =)

Thank you i am sure i will =)

It was awesome my daughter has type 1 diabetes and she struggles with it she was diagnosed october 2014 at the age of 7 she is 11 now guess how many years 2017but thank you lord we are cooping with it i thank god everyday for my child with her typeone as we say typeone becomes typenone