My stories

I have two funny stories. At the time they weren't that funny… but now when I remember them they make me smile :) the first one is from my prom. The whole time the band, holding my pump on my thigh, kept slipping, so every couple of minutes I tried to pull it back up under my dress, which I guess looked pretty odd to everyone around. Anyway, when I arrived there was a security guy standing in the entrance checking bags to make sure no one brought drugs or alcohol. As usual I brought glucose tablets in case of low sugar. These are big white round tablets. The security guy decided I'm carrying drugs and wouldn't let me in. I tried explaining I'm diabetic and that it's only sugar, but he wouldn't believe me. It took 10 minutes of arguing till my teacher came and let me in. it was ridicules.

The other time, I was driving my sister somewhere when I started feeling low. The smart thing to do was to pull over and check my self, but out of a rush and laziness I asked my sister to check me. After two very painful finger pricks, and no result, I asked her what the hell is she doing wrong, and she said "nothing, I'm doing exactly what you do". So finally I pulled over to check myself, and then my incompetent sister goes "ooooohhhhh". Apparently, instead of taking a new stick from the box, she tried using old dirty sticks that were lying in my 'garbage' cell in my freestyle bag. Except that incident she's a grate, supporting sister, I love her…

That's it for now. Maybe I'll remember some more stories later.     

My sister once tried to give me a shot. Haha...that never happened again. She took the syringe, poked it into my skin, got scared, pulled it back out, and then put it back in again before injecting it. Haha. That was fun.

Also, I have a friend who has known me since before I was diagnosed. I remember that when ever I would be eating with her, I would draw my insulin up, and then I would flick the syringe so that the little drop at the end would go away (do you know what I'm talking about...), and she would freak out. She used to think that whenever I did that it would get on her food and she would die from it. Haha.

There's lots of good stories.

my story is kinda weird. like i was mad about it at first but now I'm like okay that was a stupid thing that happened.

sooooo lat year in my English class my teacher wanted us to do a report on something so she could learn more about us as her students. so after a lot of thinking i choose diabetes (of course) well not only did i talk about my own experiences i also looked up extra information online about stuff i never learned about and the differences between type one and type two i even changed my pump in front of the whole class and explained it thoroughly. so i finished and started to gather my stuff when my teacher asks if there is a cure for it yet. so i tell say "not yet. they are still looking. there is experimental stuff going on right now and i even know someone who got the pancreatic transplant." and she was like okay and started to fill out my grade sheet. at the end of the period she she gives me the grade sheet back and i got a D on the report. i was soooooo confused so i read the side notes and it said that i didn't give enough information so i got confused and asked her about it. she said "you didn't give an appropriate answer when i asked if there was a cure." it was stupid and confusing.

i actually still don't know what kind of answer she was looking for. hahahaha(:

 last year at my schools prom i fashioned a little pouch thing to carry all of my supplies out of sight for band and what not, well we were going to walk into the club and the security guard pats me down and what not and feels my needles and what not, so i go to pull them out and he starts to freak out and calls the cops over and tells them that i "have used needles and harorion on the premisis" so i start to argue with the "roided out" pea brain telling him that im diabetic and that they're not needles for drugs or anything like that and after about 15 minutes of going back and forth with this guy the upperschool dean of students just pulled me in with out any problems for the rest of the night!

rude at the time but hella funny now!