My struggle

I have been Type 1 diabetic for 17 years. For the longest time I never took care of it until One day I broke down and cried with my mom I wanted to change and she wanted to help me with all her heart. For the first few weeks after I really took care of it my blood sugars were great they were what they were supposed to be and as the days went on I noticed my eyesight was getting really bad I wasn’t feeling the greatest I had pain in my hands so I went to the doctors, I went to the eye doctors, I scheduled an appointment with my endocrinologist and everything that was happening to me was because my body was trying to adjust to being at the blood sugar levels it was supposed to be. I went so long with not taking care of it that my body was confused it was fighting back. I’m taking care my blood sugars now but for not taking care of myself for so long I had to undergo laser eye treatment, I had to get injections in my eyes, I had neuropathy and carpal Tunnel. I’m still adjusting to everything that is happening with my body it’s not an easy life but it’s my life that I need to take Control of. I still have bad days where I just want to give up and go back to the way it used to be of not caring but with the support of my friends and my parents they keep me on track and my story is much longer than this but I am proud of where I am today, it was a long hard journey but I hope to one day inspire people with where I was that in my life with diabetes and to see how far I’ve come. My A1 C levels when I wasn’t taking care of myself was 15.9 within two months of taking care of my diabetes it dropped to 12.2, now that may not seem like a big difference but it really is remarkable and my parents were proud of me, my doctors were proud of me for the first time in a long time I was proud of myself! If you have any questions or what to know more of my story and journey which is still continuing please ask and I will be happy to answer

Dear my struggle,
I’m not responding to your whole post but I bet a lot of people will.
Just, I DO know what you are going through. The part that really hit home to
me is mentioning your hands hurt when you started getting your blood sugars
more in line. When I first started (got type 1.5 or LADA at age 64) i had terrible
pain, numbness, tingly, electrical jolts in my hands and legs and sometimes my neck) - I thought I was allergic to the insulin. It seemed like neuropathy, and I insisted on a biopsy, but it wasn’t
that. I think my “team” thought it was just anxiety, but I knew it wasn’t.
It was what you said - my body was adjusting to having normal blood sugars.I think it is
called "treatment induced neuritis."
Still get it sometimes when the blood sugar moves too fast in one direction or the
other or when I start a new bottle of insulin which is more potent when first opened up.
I would love to hear from others that have had or have this experience. I had to go on
Tegretol to control the nerve pain, but am mostly off it now.

I have been having these exact same pains! When I am at work or sometimes just randomly, my hand will clench up and I’ll get sharp pain. I’ve also been experiencing numbness and tingling and pain in my arms. I have an appointment with my PCP on Thursday and my Endo next month and I plan to mention it. I also have broken down recently to my mother and explained to her what I’ve been thinking and feeling about this diagnosis. It helps so much to have someone there that loves you. Thank you for discussing your struggle with us because I really do feel like it helps us all to feel not so alone and like we can band together. I hope your A1C continues to lower and you feel better!

@amberknepp, great story. Taking care of yourself is not the easy way - its a matter of making a promise to yourself to keep trying “no matter what”

and I believe in you.

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Hello - I came across this forum as I was searching for TIND. My husband is a type 2 diabetic. He did not take care of himself for some years and tried to control the bs with his diet. That obviously didn’t work and he went into DKA in January of this year. After a 6 day stay, he was released, felt better, but was doing insulin shots and Rybelsus. He started having this burning feeling in his thighs and anything touching it was excruciating. He tried 3 different insulins thinking he was allergic to them. He would feel really bad about an hour to three hours after injecting himself. Then the burning pain moved up to his stomach and torso. Endo said that the pain is more likely from his bs coming down so fast and this pain ‘should’ go away. We are in the process of seeing a neurologist. He has been tested twice to confirm that he is T2. He has had blood work and a MRI to rule out some things. His thyroid level was high, but other than that everything is good. EMG is next month in June. I am desperately looking for anything about treatment induced neuropathy and find someone who has experienced this. Does the pain go away or get better? He lives in a robe and his underwear. The poor guy has a hard time sleeping. He is now just on Metformin and Glimepiride. He was given Gabapentin, Cymbalta, and Lyrica to help with pain, but he does not want to take those knowing of how hard they are to come off and the bad side effects.

Hello my struggles. I’ve been there done that. I’ve been T!D for going on 58 years. Got the little monster when I was 14 months old my mother says. I have had it when there were no glucometers, CGM’s, insulin pumps, etc. Without any of those modern technologies for a good part of my life, I also rebelled against being a diabetic for a majority of being a T1D. Some of my story I described in “just sharing’s” post. I can tell you from personal experience that keeping things within the proper perimeters is crucial. You have realized that you need to change and take control of your situation and for that we are proud of you. Everyone here has had similar times of despair, denial, and being resentful. Now that you are trying to get to where you need to be, the healing process will begin and continue as you keep your BGL’s as close as you can to acceptable. The healing process maybe uncomfortable even painful as you retrain your body to the new norm. Be sure to use all modern items at your disposal to fight the battle. Please take my advise and make a commitment to find strength from others that love and will support you in your efforts. Diabetes is a long term battle and if you give it an inch it will take a mile from you. Remember we are here for you also if you need opinions or non medical advise and will help anyway that we can as we are trying to do now. You are a warrior. With determination you will succeed. Fight the brave fight 'cause you’ve got this.