My Sugar Baby - Sara Elizabeth

On July 21, 2011 my daughter made her much anticipated debut!

Despite my having this disease for almost 30 years (and turning 40 next week,) it did not touch her during my pregnancy.

Sara was born by c-section at 37.1 weeks, weighing in at 7.2# and was 17.75" long. The pediatricians had expected her to go to the NICU, but she did not need to and had perfect glucose levels after birth. Our pediatrician said that if I hadn't told her that I had Type 1 DM, she would not have known that this child's mom had any chronic illness.  

If I can do, so can all of you!

Diabetes be damned . . . you lose this time!


Congratulations Mama!!!!! She is beautiful! Great job :D

Your daughter is beautiful!  Congratulations to you and your family.  Motherhood is crazy, but it is a wonderful blessing.

One huge benefit of being an older mom who's had diabetes 25+ years is that it makes is statistically unlikely that your child will develop type 1.  Think it's around 2%.  There's no reason diabetic moms can't have healthy babies, as you've proven!

Take care and congratulations.

How inspiring!!!! and how amazing that we can help create such a precious life.  Jennagrant-I didn't know that about the statistics of having diabetes longer reducing your child's risk....wonderful info!

She is absolutely gorgeous!!! So happy to head that her arrival was uneventful!

Congrats! Thanks for the story it gives me hope for when i go to have a baby!!

Actually, her chances are 0.06% per my Endo.  Much better than 2%, huh!

And thanks everyone!