My toe

I’m really worried because this past week, I noticed numbness in part of my big toe. I have never had any neuropathy and I don’t want it to be that. Being diabetic for 33 years, I’m afraid that’s what it is.
If anyone has had this, is it possible for it to go away with tighter control? I had a baby 7 weeks ago. While I was pregnant, my a1c was 5.4. Since then, my sugars have definitely been worse and bouncing between high and low.
I just emailed my endo and am so scared.

I have the same thing. It comes and goes for me. The only way for them to tell if it is neuoropathy is if you go to a specialist. I never went to confirm.

You just made me feel a little better! How long does it last for you? Do you feel a tingling sensation when you walk on it? I don’t have any pain.

I struggled with Neuropathy in both feet for the first two years of my diagnosis of T1D. With the care of my Podiatrist and my Primary Care. As a group pretty much eliminated the Neuropathy. We did this with tighter control of my Blood Sugars and a Magnesium Supplements. Do wear orthotic’s to keep the pressure of my feet. And Toe Exercise’s moving them around and massaging them daily. I’m on my feet around 6 hours a day. Inflammation is a big factor. The Fish Oil helps keep this down in my whole body. Simple at home Test . Use a piece of High Test Fishing Line and move it across the areas of your feet, in which you are feeling the sensations. If you have the feelings from this test. You will improve with the tighter controls.

Did you see a neurologist or just a podiatrist?