My top 6 (wish i had 10...)

There are six things I've seen information on or heard about that I think are nearly too cool for words.  Anyone who knows anything about these or has other research or ideas that they think are worth a read/mention/review - please post 'em!


1.           Smart insulin.  What a simple and great idea.  (JDRF sponsored study now - thank you very much!) They are bonding insulin to a glucose soluable polymer so the insulin is autmatically released as sugar levels go to high.  Even if it doesn't work out - hats off to whoever decided to try this one!

2.                   I have seen some information on benfotiamine that seems to indicate it may help diabetics dodge complications.  It seemed to have as many questions as ideas but it sounded like it had a good grounding in solid chemistry, so I thought it may be promising.

3.                   There was an article in a chemistry magazine where they were trying to surgically implant a tube made from a permeable polymer to encapsulate beta cells (the ones that make insulin).  The polymer was designed to allow blood flow and prevent immune cells from entering.  It sounded like they were off to a good start.

4.                   I've heard of a couple companies working on infrared based CGM's.  They will track real time blood values AND be completely non-invasive.  How cool is that?

5.                   There was a study I saw where they were using a bone marrow infusion with the beta cell transplant so the implanted cells are not rejected.  No immune suppressants – no more long term therapy - neat idea...


6.                   I heard about one  - they actually repurposed regular adult cells using viruses to make them produce insulin.  Fun!


Anyone seen, heard, know more???

A-D   just recall how bad it was for us at first... and look at what we have now. =)  things can only get better!

I am, and will surely always be a die hard optimist, but I was told in 1977 that "a cure is just around the corner" well it must be SOME corner!

that being said, we could sure use a cgm that works, I mean really works, and I mean real time.  I like the infra red technology, but something nags at me - somehow our body senses rising blood sugar and once upon a time that would trigger insulin production.  I am looking forward to a monitor that uses the same pathology that our body would - to indicate how much insulin we are going to need - before an actual blood glucose of 270!  This technology will be better than the meager advances in closed loop insulin pumps. 

I like the technology around iRNA and therapeutic protiens.  I think that in the next generation or so there'll be a vaccine for T1DM.  Especially if it is an autoimmune-gone-whacky problem.  There's so much work to be done.  I met a fellow 2 weeks ago who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, he's my age and already had both hips replaced.  His body is attacking itself and the results are alarming.  His neuropathy is at a point where he will need a wheelchair soon because he can't feel his feet below his knees.  There isn't much difference between RA and T1... 

Anything associated with immune suppressent bothers me - I don't think it's a long term answer, unless your other option is being dead.  Most of the compounds associated with immune supression are also casually related to cancer. 

Anyway,  I helped design a iRNA research center in San Francisco about 1-1/2 years ago and I just got done with a combo manufacturing facility in Va this year for HPV and theraputic protiens.  Now we have another live virus vaccine plant in NC that's coming online.   It's all I can do 'cause I aint smart enough to do research.  If company A is building and expanding research then I believe companies B-Z are also on the move.   Let's hope those folks get to some strong thinking and come up with good stuff for all of us. =)

There was a better article on the "repurposing" of cells, so I am adding it in here...