My videos are up in the education center

Hey everyone check out my day in the life videos in the education center

Hey Gina,

Just finished watching all your vids.  Good job - must be hard holding the camera while bolussing and testing!

I laughed out loud when you said 'sorry I'm a licker' hahaha

It's so true how crummy it feels to be in a low - don't we know it!

Again, good job.  Made me want to start a vblog about my daily diabetes events haha.


Great Job Gina !! I feel that your videos will be very educational to a non-d person or newly diagnosed person. During your low, while you were taping ,I kept thinking to myself drink your juice before it gets worse, lol. Just force of habit I suppose on my part : ).

The whole pump/CGM site changes was very interesting to me as I have never saw either of those demonstrated before. I myself use syringes to give insulin. Thanks for sharing what daily d-life is for you  , I know I appreciated your effort greatly. Keep up the great work !!

Hey Gina, thanks for doing this.  I watched the first one and into the second.  When I was watching you explain how you felt low I could totally relate.  You said "right now I feel ... (long pause)" and I'm thinking "weird" and then you said "weird". I did have to laugh a little.  Too true.

Our diagnoses and reaction to it could not be more different though. However when they told me I had diabetes I thought I was going to die too because I had heard on the radio and TV that every year some number of thousands of people die from it.  But, luckily,, I was wrong.

Keep up the great work !!  And thanks for all you do.