My worst fear is starting all over again..ehhh! :'( HELP!

okay so i have had type 1 for 13 years, and maybee a lil over a year ago i started having bad lows, and seizures. so i got scared, so i started keeping my numbers high. then a few months ago i told maself that i needa keep ma numbers on track if i wanna live a long healthy life, that im messing up. and so ive been trying, and now i wake up almost every night low, and again in tha mornings, and sometimes i dont wake up. thank god ma mom checks on me alll tha time. this has always been ma fear(tha fact of na waking up when i'm low again). its scary..ive way passed ma 9 lives already. its so stressing, and it worrys ma friends, and ma fiance is 613 miles away right now, and he is so scared that next time he see's me ima be in tha hospital again. i dono what ta do. any ideas?




The only thing I can think of, is eating a snack before bed with complex carbs.  and some protien to slow the carbs. down. I forgot what your treatment is, MDI or pump??

This sounds like something you need to see your doctor about. Our insulin requirements and ratios change all the time, and if you're concerned about not waking up you need to go see the professional and get your numbers fixed. No messing around with asking people on a forum, this is a serious issue.

I think you need to see your doctor, or call him and tell him what has been going on. It sounds like you have hypoglycemic unawareness and you may be a good candidate for the Continous Glucose Monitor. I echo what adam just wrote. 

Call your doc tomorrow if you can...


i know its na something ta mess around with. we just moved ta NC from NY and ma mom being tha woman she is hasnt got me a new doctor yet. ba maybee i should call ma old eno from NY tm. i dont know how much he will be able ta do when hes 613 miles away. ba its deffenitaly worth trying ta figure out something ta do.

and keith im on tha pump, i usually eat 1 and a half gramcrackers with a thin coat of peanut butter before bed everynight.

I live in NY and I am seeing a CDE right now that is based in PA. If you have all of your numbers and what has been going on written in a log that is information that they can use in an office or not. You can do everything remotely if need be. Just call your endo in NY I am sure he can help.

The thing about the pump is that if your settings are correct you shouldn't go low. You should be able to be steady all day even without eating any food for 24 hours. How do i know this? Because I did a basal test for 24 hours (with doctors and CDEs there) But if you do short basal tests at certain times of the day you can figure out if your rates are right . just ask your doctor he can give you better detail of something like that. I think with a few adjustments they can get you back on track. 

I have been doing basal tests for the past two weeks to help my highs and lows get under control. My current average on my meter went from over 200 to 150. The moral of the story call the endo you have been with in NY haha


hope this helps


thanks gina, and ma endo was based in sayre pa at tha guthrie clinic, ba he was in horseheads about once a month. i mostly hadda go ta sayre tho. lol. ba thanks.

go to your endo. your night basal is probably too high. also maybe a snack before bed and not covering could help

ya im gunna call ma endo in NY tm..and i always eat a snack before bed. and i dont bolus for it. i dono. i try ta acoplish good by trying ta get ma numbers where they needa be cuz i have kept them high for so long. and ma fear of going low and na waking up is coming true. its a trip. ive had diabetees for 13 years, seince i was 3, and i never had any problems till a few years ago.