My young adult son was diagnosed in February

My 28 year old son was diagnosed in February, after a routine physical detected high blood glucose. Within a few days of starting insulin, he became farsighted. This resolved itself quickly, but a month later the eye doctor could see signs of cataracts starting to form. In the last week, after a few months on insulin, his vision has become cloudy. Our family ophthalmologist recommends cataract surgery. He has not yet had the chance to discuss this situation with his endocrinologist.

I am wondering if this is a normal progression of eye problems so soon after a diagnosis of type 1. This is all new to our family. We have no history of diabetes and my son never had any indications of it growing up. He has otherwise been managing his condition very well and keeping his blood sugar under control. His endocrinologist has mentioned that he is in a honeymoon phase.

Hi Siobhan @Baci, first a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation Forum! And welcome to the club that no one wants to join - those needing to deal with TypeOne.

A cataract isn’t discriminatory and can appear anytime in anyone, with or without diabetes, and is not more prevalent in people with diabetes. Changes in vision are often related to diabetes - many eye care professionals are the first to recognize diabetes and refer the eye patient to the care of a doctor for diabetes.

I was diagnosed with diabetes as a kid and my, now treated, cataracts did not appear until I was in my 60’s. If your son’e ophthalmologist believes the cataracts are a significant issue for your son, they can be very safely removed.