Naming your Pump

This may sound stupid, but I'm curious if anyone else is as... goofy as I've known to be sometimes.
Anyone else name their insulin pump?
There's a reason to it, I swear. My pump is named Rex; it helps little kids understand it better when they ask me about it. This one little kid in my pump class got all excited, and named their pump, too. It was pretty cool. It helps my grandparents, too, and family/friends that are curious how I'm doing with diabetes, but don't want to right out ask. "How's Rex...?"
Could just be me. I bet it is - I've been told it's weird :) But then again, pumps are our friends, and what friend doesn't have a name?



I never really thought of naming my pump, but I can see how it is really your friend, and you're trusting your life to it every day, so maybe I'll name mine...

Now I just have to think of a name!

Oh, gosh.... now I feel really dumb for having posted this. I'm mostly kidding, just curious I guess if anyone else does this.

Haha^ Don't feel dumb :P It's actually a cool topic, I'm sure I'll name mine whenever i get my pump :D

You could always name your syringes and needle tips... but then it gets into the naming 4-7 a day, and who can remember that??

I agree with you; I'd wait for a pump. J

alyssa- you are not dumb!! My sister and I nickname EVERYTHING!  We always have. haha 

We call my pump 'pumpie' 

I realize that our nicknames are not very creative! I like rex, its a cute name :)

oh. And I'm 22 and she is 19! hahah

Indeed, this is not a silly topic. I have a pump where you can type in a name, and the name appears on the home screen.

My pump's name is Hal, based on the computer of the same name with the ever-open red lasar (sp?!?) eye in 2001.

Hal is fond of waking me up at inordinate times. I imagine that Hal has the same voice as the computer in the movie, calm, peaceful, telling me that no, I didn't check my blood sugar thirty minutes ago when I know darn good and well I did.

Like the computer in 2001, Hap the Pump does not believe in computer error, only human fallibility.

Hal is fascinated with my REM cycle and is conducting a secret experiment, sending data back to the government to see how long it will take a type 1 diabetic female in her early thirties to start imagining that her insulin pump is interrupting her sleep cycle to find out the results of disrupted REM cycles on the sanity of a woman in her thirties as part of a governmental study...

No, I don't get carried away, not one little bit...i'm just kidding on the last paragraph, by the way.

It's fun, can also name boluses, basal rates, basically anything.

I was thinking about some fitting names:

Here's what I've come up with in terms of names of boluses, but feel free to add:

"Public embarrassment."

"Close, but no cigar."

"Bad breath and cotton mouth."

"Monkey wrench."

"Still life with Stomach Flu."

"Throw of the Dice (also known as Snake Eyes)."

"Insomnia Special."

What a wonderful topic, though. I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only person who names her pump.

Mine's name is Mikey.

I named it after a speaker I had in my health class. A strong man, who has lived with Hiv/Aids for a very long time, and I respect him so much.

I name everything. My Ipod classic is named Carl and my mini is Carl's Jr.

I call all my diabetic stuff, toys. I'll go to the hospital and my boyfriend will text me if I got any new toys.

He's a silly banana